In Memorium

John Wesley White 1931-2011

Who is the rock-collector
George Hasselbacher?

Dec 2012

A guitar for sale led me to Ferdinand Haselbacher of Austria & New York City, and his son Frank.

March 2013


Thank You for Your Corrections!

I have added most, but not all of the additions/ corrections some of you have submitted to the interactive family trees.  They were uploaded as of the date indicated.  Fear not, as soon as I can catch my breath, I will make the rest of the changes.

Peter, Oct 6, 2009


Change of Domain Name! .us to .org Click for details

Story Updated
17 Nov 2009

About Gresten, Austria:
Information from a recent trip. For video, click image below.

Keep an eye on the
Family Blog

I am trying to use it to notify you about what is new on the site, or otherwise communicate with you. If you do not watch, you will miss good stuff! July 18, 2018

Civil War Pension Applications

I recovered extensive pension records from the National Archives for 8 Hazelbaker Veterans.  See if your ancestor is one of them.


Who was H.K. Hazelbaker of Youngstown, OH?
Who were his customers?

Wild Boar Killers All Along!!

See the new revelation.

What might a beer tell us about our name? 
Check it out.

The earliest Hasselbachers of  Illinois.  Immigrated in 1857.

The Spell of  Original Records

Death record of Paulus Hasselbacher 1750.

A Tale of Three Taufbecken

My recent adventure in the Fränkiche Schweiz.

Hasselbacher Craftsmen of Munchsteinach

First Ascent of Churchtower!
See a video.

Hazelbaker Volunteer Needed!

Old Map and Directory from 1876

In Memorium

My father died today, April 6, 2011.  This website was created to honor him and my other family.

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Special Contribution!
Craig Hazelbaker discovered the location of the grave of Peter Hazelbaker, the patriarch of the largest American branch of the family.


Who Are These People?
Help me identify the unknown people and places in these photos. Updated 9-27-2008
Some mysteries solved!