Hochgrässing Farm

The next house up the road from Sonleiten, and Gseng, is Hochgrässing. As I look at my assembled photographs, I find I have fewer close ups of this farmhouse. (Perhaps it was the barking dog!) I will try to remedy this in the future.

About the spelling of old these farm names. In the ancient, the merely old, and new records in which I have seen the names of these farms; it seems they are always spelled differently! This of course is no surprise given the 400 year interval of our studies. In addition, and perhaps unnecessarily, I have been trying to keep letters with diacritical marks (ü, ä, ö) out of the web addresses. Therefore please forgive me for the variation you see. I think what I will try to do is discover what contemporary spellings are in use, and use those. The sign on the house itself was spelled Hochgräßing, not Hochgrössing as on the marker above.

Here are views of the farm from above (from the north).

As is frequent in this paradise for hikers and bikers, there is a rest stop by the barn with a historical marker.

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Peter Hasselbacher
8 Nov 2008