This is my best translation of this document discussed above.

Comments from the Years 1630 to 1699.

[Der Schreibweise....] The spelling in these years is idiosyncratic.  The letter 'H' was usually written with a backstroke so that, for example, the house name Lechen actually reads Lehen.

[Ähnlich werde...] Some of the famly names were written preserving the 'ch' spelling.

(These first two sentences discuss a technical aspect of the writing of the letter 'h' such that a preceding letter "c" is kept or not.  I only partially understand! PH)

This is the punchline:
[Ein Großteil...]  The bulk of valid family names arose through the conservation of Housenames: that's how proper family names came from: Asanger, .... Haslbacher,... etc.

(The remaining comments on the second page seem to be specific to individual name variations.)



Just this month I discovered a source of excellent photo-images of the old Gresten Churchbooks. (See above.)  I will substitute these for the poor ones I found on microfilm.  I still need to find Herr Schörberl's transcriptions for the early years.