Political Map of the area between Neustadt and Nürnberg.

It is from this area that Johann Peter Hasselbacher and his wife Eva Maria Gundaker emigrated to Illinois in 1857.  Peter, as he was called, was born and schooled in Gunzendorf.  This area was populated early by Hasselbachers.  Just as one of the sons of Paulus the elder sent progeny to Stübach and Diespeck, so did son Adam, who was born 1698 in Oberroßbach, settle in Wilhelmsdorf and Gunzendorf. Offspring from this branch of the family lived in Emskirchen, Herzogaurach, Puschendorf, Langenten, and Fürth. See the Geographic Map of this area elsewhere in this map section. A map of a wider area is also available here.