Johann Balthasar:  Drechslermeister and author of several equipment objects

Chief work:  Baptismal font with grand cover construction
A century later:  "Tasteless, colorful effort" - causing in Stübach and Münchsteinach

MÜNCHSTEINACH (cf) - Johann Balthasar Hasselbacher, a poor Münchsteinacher turner master, made itself end the 18th and at the beginning of the 19th century through its work for the Protestant churches in Münchsteinach and Stübach unforgettably.  In addition also a baptismal font, that it made for the Stübacher church 1785, counts.

This exceeded at least of size and expense here - like the former Italo Bacigalupo in its researches to life informative also sozialgeschichtlich of the turner organized - the measure of the usual:  "Shell shell on Engelatlant with a magnificent high cover construction and a height of altogether 2.65 meters" indicates an inventory.  That it was banished 1889 in the loft of the church, and rather contemptuous remarks of the at that time ministers did not be found sees ("the tasteless, colorful Machwerk, that itself under the name baptism font now in the church finds"), 'Bacigalupo unconditionally as an objective quality judgment, on:  The taste had changes at the time the romanticism ver' and with the Verklärung of the Middle Ages, Gotik and Romanik came again in fashion, that rejected became baroque,, also in its middle class stamp.  Stübach sold first 1965 the wooden Taufstein -at the churches community St. Nikolaus in Alladorf in Kulmbach. Bacigalupo proves 'to be sure also that in the Stübacher baptism stone the baptism stone in the Münchsteinacher parish church of Christoph Randel godfather stood.  Further works of the turner are the presentations cross, that prepared he than 20-more year-old probably on the occasion of the death of its father, that was also turner.  It is to be seen today yet in the Münster and is carried at Beerdiungen.  On the black inscription on the cross back stands "Johann/Baldhasar HasselbacHer 1774".

Mainly Hasselbacher will be earned have however money with farmers and citizens, conjectures in any case Bacigalupo.  Moreover it constructed became in the new pulpit in Wilhermsdorf, ·the 1776, cooperated and earned at the same time four guilders.  The church indicated yet considerable receipts however also to this time out of imposed churches penances:  In the year its -wedding was outraged born become it namely another in the baptism index as a "Hurenkind" designated girl of one" very evil harlots", whom" already previously twin-Hurenkinder had brought" to the world.  For that again four guilders had both together to pay.  Drechslermeisterwurde 'it 1780 when it married.  Yet already in the following year became collects because of
a further false step,, 2 guilders of Balthasar Haßelbacher of Münchsteinach", "its Geschwängerte, Elisabetha Ganßerin, has its churches buses in Natura gethan."  Alone at these penances, that were raised in Münchsteinach until 1796, kaRn it lain have not that the craft master was gradually always more highly debt-ridden, and in the end bankruptcy went.  As a moneylender, the church appeared.  The Münchsteinacher took 1786 a credit over 21 guilders on - as one of altogether six domestic borrowers.  1789 arrived 59 guilders, and it had 1791 already a load of 112 guilders at the neck.  The record level was reached 1796 with 140 guilders.  It came be built have should 1809 then obviously' to the bankruptcy and the seizure of its dwelling in Neustädter
Straße 21, that father 1747  Hasselbacher lived thereupon until a year before its death in the external gate house of the cloister office reinforcement.  It died 1822 at a pneumonia, his wife survived it around 13 years.  Moreover it left behind two daughters and a son Peter who learned also the turner craft.

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