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Johann Balthasar Hasselbacher - a poor Münchsteinacher Drechslermeister at the end 18. and beginning 19. Century, that itself by carving works for the Evangelist churches in Münchsteinach and Stübach made unforgotten .  By Italo Bacigalupo

In the short inventory of the art thinking marks in the earlier district new city A.D. Aisch is registered abgegan a gener wooden “Taufstein”, which determines completely from the framework of the usual one falls: Shell bowl on Engelatlant also splendourful high structure of cover, Höhe altogether 265 cm, donated 1785 of Dorothe A Reininger from Hanbach, a village in that Evangelist luth erischen Pfarrei Stübach, for the parish church in Stübach. '1965 one was pleased in Stübach, that this Taufstein of the attic of the church away, where it since 1889 banished, finally someone to be sold could, i.e. the evange was lisch lutherischen branch church St, Nikolaus in universe adorf, municipality Trumsdorf, in the former district Kulmbach, which had been reconditioned straight. Up to the edge of the bowl edition is located in large book staben cut: THAT MANUFACTURER THE SES WAS IOH ANN BALTHASAR HASELBACHER TO MÖNCHSTEINACH [1785. Why one wanted the Erzeu gnis this Münchsteinachers do not keep and who hides itself behind this Name? Although the ship of the old Stübacher church only 1888 was broken off, in order in neugoti the schen style wied it to be established, had itself already all in accordance with in in the thirty it years 19. Year dog ert s a Ge schmack sver change the Geistlichkeit noticeably made, those the Wiederbel ebung the gothic - accordingly the defaults by the romance - tended. Everywhere in the country began the time of the style clearing, the seventy years long to Rome anik or gothic ” purifizierte “, since s is called the baroque outside threw, if an old church by it a Umge had experienced staltung. Where one such a place of worship also still as too closely attachment and, developed for newRoman after the outline somewhat, NewByzantine or evenly newgothical - with that appropriate equipment.

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As the Stübacher Vikar Johann earthling Christian Dolwezel 1832 its ” Memorandum book for the Pfarrei Stübach “put on itself and thereby around retaining the knowledge of facts of local history, those made very earned otherwise long would be forgotten, turned out he also to the wooden Taufstein, the tasteless, multicolored e Mach work, itself under the name Taufstein now in that Church finds, 'minister Friedrich alto (1881 - 1898), the 1888/89 the new building the Langh auses of the church durchfüh rte, schlu g in its Rückbli ck on the previous Church into the same notch: These baptize conditions r, from a “artist” in Münchsteina CH manufactured, was high with cover over 2 meters, in the entartetsten Zopfstil awkwardly and so few künstl erisch ausgef ührt that he at present up the church soil aufbe becomes, there one protects him not even at antiquity more shändler would have VE rkaufen, let alone around expensive money to restore leave könn EN. Sowurde rather, around mon the ströse thing of the wooden baptizing stand eliminate 'to be able, the restoration of the old, ursprüng lichen, lucky it way before schmählicher Profanierung retained EN and inzwische n in the sound tube of accommodated Taufsteins of 1571 undertaken. 3 On a feather/spring design of the painter Theodor alto (1846-1937), a brother the Pfarrfrau, that between 1884 un D 1894 nearly annually to attendance in the Stübacher Parsonage building stayed - so also in July i 1888 briefly forwards Beginning of the abort

2 Pfarr arch iv Stüb oh, Kir chenbu CH NI'. 27: Memor andenbu CH for the Pfarrei Stübach, fishes gt of j OHANNERDMANN CHRlSTlAN DOLWEZEL, Vicar, in Years 1832. Therein: D ERs., Gesch icht e of the Pfarr egg Stübach. 1832. P. 41.

3 Memor and enbu CH (like note 2), P. 254. - These “Resta uration” throws to their seits a intere ssant it light on from the copying rear one stor ism US wied it verschiit teteten denkma lpfl egerisch EN Ansät CPU early 19. j ahrhunderts. As D olw ez el its Pfarreigeschichte abfa, has width unit the Srübacher at that time ministers sste Gabriel the old Taufstein, on that eight sides shank of the s twice with that hreszahl 1571 see were, as a venerable Well to the church into the Turmsakriste i bring EN leave. A-live r was it before also the Ge search concerned whether it the stone, which one to end 18. j ahrhunderts eightless before the church had thrown, not wegneh men and to a pig trough v erwenden may!! (DOLWEZEL, P. 41, with a CPU ichnung). These baptize stone, today for “again-gothical of 1883 " (STROBEL [like note 1J, P. 168) is held, let Pfarr it alto rework. As it writes, for this treffliche was offered Opportunity, as in the year 1882 and 1883 because of the school building new building as a building leader gentleman Board of works candidate trunk (a minister son ausKaubenhe in) stayed here, which took care of immediately with largely em Int eresse the thing, the necessary designs themselves entwa rf and then under its line the stone of skillful n a Steinhauer (Konrad bad more dahier) to again-work left (...) in the year e 1883 in addition to still baptizes then later stone due Eisenbeschläg ernickelten with v came ( EN) v seen wooden covers, which gleichfa lls to Bauf ührer trunk procured. (Note edge EN book, S. 254f.)

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work on the church -, one sees everything together: the baroque church inside of the end 17. Century, Hasselbachers already into an angle turned off wooden Taufstein and the umgemodelten, substantially verschiankten again-gothical Taufstein. “ - n Fig. 1. Theodor alto: Stübach. Church inside with two Taufsteinen. Feather/spring, probably July 1888.           See Figure 1

4 THEODOR KÖBERLIN, the parsonage building in the life of a village by the example Stübachs. In: Streiflichter from the local history. New city A.D. Aisch. 1987,39-79. Here P. 40.47. 57 with fig. 12.

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Fig. 2. Johann Balthasar Hasselbacher, wooden Taufstein with shell bowl on Engelarlanr (1785), now evang. - Iuth. Branch church Alladorf.

Firgure3.  CH risro pH Rend egg, baptize stone out whether ern Hesselbacher Sandst (1776), highly ziehb arer decks el verlo ren, in evang. - luth. Pfarrkir che Miinchsteinach

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It is off~nkundig that Hasselbacher itself the new Taufstein of the Wilhermsdorfer Hochfürstlich Limburgi yard sculptor Christoph Rendel' in the Münchsteinacher parish church into many details inside to the model took: angel Atlases on square Baseplate, that the inside hexagonal, outside and it lifts muschelförmige basins thereby back with its Rockers to a stone column pressed supports. Only the material differentiates itself: In Münchsteinach it is sandstone, which was painted. “It is not improbably that Hasselbacher also in upper range by that now no longer existing Münchsteinacher Rococo baptize-cap in 7 lively became, the dreistöckige thing places one nevertheless extremely artistic Construction. Rocaillebögen add themselves over and next to each other to one transparent hexagonal Volutenkrone, on which the geschürzte Aufer standene with a winner tag stands. Over it one of small Rocaillebögen follows framed silver cartouche with the founders in inscription and finally a silver shining zuoberst floating holy spirit

5 those ses work is in the Münchsteinach it Place of worship calculation 1776 documents as follows: The all municipality has 61 guldens of 36 cruisers to acquisition of the Canzel u (lp) of a new Taufsteines admire. - 2 guldens of 34 cruisers the Mauerar master Brehm to Obernestelbach for the stone, from which the Taufstein gehauen. 1 gulden of 30 cruisers the Mauerermeister Ziell.] the Taufstein abzuspitzen and einzu brick. - 63 guldens the sculptor Cbristopb Rendl to Willhermsdorf accordirten wages for the new Canzel u (lp) the Taufstein cover. 10 guldens 53 JIJKreuzer the same same [as] wages for the new Taufstein and desk. 32 guldens the Mahler Michael To grind and gild Schmidt [,] the Canzel. 10 guldens of 20 cruisers the same forwards same work on the Taufstein u (lp) covers dessellben. -12 cruisers drink money the service farmhand the Wirth of stone [,] to that the Taufstein by the same in vain more hieher to lead leave. 32 cruisers of driving wages Beytrag to the cars [,] with which the Canzel in Willhermsdorf abgeholet. In addition place of worship calculation 1777:1 gulden of 6 cruisers the Seiler Drittler for a rope to the Taufstein cover (...) i.e. that Baptize-cap in was for pulling up planned, what means that he more complicated arranged and thus more bulkily and also was heavier.

6 the broader diagonal buckle belt on the naked torso points over Chri stoph RendeI outside on Wilhermsdorf for the origin these s of type of angel carrier; because already there yard sculptor Franciscus Peter Tiefenbach manufactured 1730/31 a very something similar Angel Atlases from stone, however with one hexagonal basins, for evang.> luth. Parish church in Herrnneuses. (Pfarrarchiv Herrnneuses, g 1: Holy calculation of Walpurgis 1730 to Walpurgis 1731.) - The colored angel shapes as carriers of the baptizing bowl were starting from approximately 1680 in coming, likewise the shell form with the stone Taufbecken . Later one manufactured both also from wood and presented a metal bowl.

7 1838 this was still present, like those Place of worship calculation 1837/38 with a “Inventarium” in the appendix proves (p. 14): A Taufstein 1776 purchased. A Teckel to Taufstein with the picture] ohanns the Täufers.

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Deaf one in the golden Strahlenkranz. The whole is still with blooms, climbing and Shell formations decorated and also in red blue and white polychromiert. We regard now the other works, which of our Drechsler well-known are! The oldest is lecture a cross, which he made as 20-year old 8, probably on the occasion of the death of its father, that also Drechsler X9in Münchsteinach was. '? Like a rope from six “cords” different colors turned long shank closes with an egg-shaped, to the half grooved Nodus off, on which a laminar cross stands, that with original jets, bloom and Kringelornamenten and one in sections saw tooth-like edge is affected. Not one element refers to the Rococo. It is that according to it the following, of rationalism and clearing-up determined civil-sober ” Zopfstil “, that the young beginner as the adequate style appeared. On a deaf-blue cross veining lift themselves mainly red colours of the raised ornaments off. The black inscription on the cross back reported: ] ohann // baldhasar // of hasselbacher // 17.74. We know the earning facilities of the Drechslers on the basis some posts reconstruct in the place of worship calculations between 1776 and 1782. Mainly it must however its money in others, everyday fields of activity with farmers and citizens earned. Obviously it has also for foreign private clients religious pieces of equipment for church and house manufactured, as we will present two further such pieces equal. When 1776 the new pulpit from Wilhermsdorf was built in the church, something work dropped also for the still single Hasselbacher: 4 guldens that Drechsler Haselbacher for Drechsler u (lp) carpenters Arbeit to the Canzel. “

8 baptismal registers of the Evang. - Luth. Pfarrei Miinch stone oh 1754, NR, 3: Johann Balthasar Haaselbacher, born to Mänchsteinach at noon at 11 o'clock the 6. Mart (ii), et the 7. Mart (ii) renatus. Pater: Johann George Haaselbacher, Dr more echsler ibid (em). Mould: Helena Barbara, one born e Langin of Burghaslach. Suscieptor): Johann Balthasar Scboor, farmer up the corner yard

9 in the baptismal register 1746 it appears as musi Kant and Drechsler, i.e. it placed probably Woodwind instruments ago, which it played. 10 funeral registers of the Evang. - Luth. Pfarrei Münchsteinach 1774, No. 10: M (egg) st (e) r [ohann George Haselbacher, Dre more chssler to Mün chsteinach, died at one hitzi towards chest fever the 6. Oct (obris) of evening at 7 o'clock and is the 9. eiusdiem) with a lecture over (...) bury, aet (atis) 64 years less 1 Monath.

11 of the old pulpit it could besides four years later some parts favorably acquire. Goneshau srechnung 1780:12 cruiser pays the Drechsler Hasselbacher more dahier, for some Pieces of old boards of the old Canzel. 123 Deaf one in the golden Strahlenkranz. The whole is still with blooms, climbing and

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Fig. 4. ] oh ann Balthasar H asse more lbacher, Vortragek reuz in that Münste rk irche Münchsteinach (1774). Vord he lind RÜckseit e.

Auc h 1777 were it again] guldens of 22 crosses r, those [upper Balthas acre To Haselbacher before Drecbssl it and carpenter A rbeit in God-strike s out bez ahlt became n. 1779 empfin g it 1 Gul] the 0 Kr more euzer (...) f ür 3 the death b clock out too bcssern, 1780] Gul the 24 Kre more uzer (...) the pale of bellows of the organ z u glue EN, too bind EN and to cover with leather. Well chdem it itself into sem Jah r auc h the vere hel iche n ko nnt e, durft e it from there starting from Dr echsle rmei st itself it call EN. “1781 di duck it itself] gulden 24 cross it (...) f ür 24 rope rollers on the Kirch Tb urn too drechseln, 1782 1 gulden (...) f ür a new Ofe n Fus into the Schulstu ben too

12 trust ungs regis more ter the EH ng. - L uth. Pfarr egg Mün chst a AC h 1780, No. 2:]oh ann Baltha sar Haselbacher, concern ender Dr echss ler M (egg) st (e) r z “Moncbsteinacb, weyl (and)] ohann George hate been EN Drechssler of master elbachen daselbst rear issued) Oerster son zwey ter marriage, un D on well Barbara Stroeblin, weyl (and) Urban strobe LS of been farmer man waiter r ossbach him issued zia ey width unit daughter, p became raev ia trina proclamatione with a lecture copulirt in the church too monk stone oh the 18 ticn]] ulii.

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make. 13 also of the place of worship Stübach became smaller it in this year Order assign: The Drechsler] ohann Balthasar Haselbacher for a new Well Werbel18 cruiser. 14 1785 were the sideline Münchsteinacher Bildschnitzer except also the Taufstein still with a second artistic work for its Hanbacher Gönnerin employs: a lecture cross for the Stübacher church. “ The saw tooth-like bordered, broken through cross on a twisted Shank with egg-shaped Nodus reminds of Hasselbachers first work in Münchsteinach. The Christ Korpus is new, in its Stämmigkeit and the peace of the Biblical” it-actualachieved “ radiating symmetry that prätentiöse form feeling Rendel connected with soft elegance Creations from the decade before to no more to feel does not leave. The back the lecture cross shows the inscription: Dorothea//Reiningerin//of//Hanbach // 1785. The latter so far admits become creation Hasselbachers is an altar crucifix of 1791 for the Stübacher church - now unfortunately flat over the Sakristeitür attached. Down in a stator frame also Shell, Flechtund Akanthusdekor. that still the sober” Zopfstil “obligates is, freely left cartouche gives in the inscription to consider: Sieh', 0 humans and remember//that your Sünd did. //Dorothea Reininger. //1791. The cross bar ends are in each case with a bloom verziert. Strobel means this To have to abqualifizieren work of quiet rural art than “crude work " 16 . It reflects only the end of the aristokratischen age. The social surrounding field of this art we want to therefore examine some more more near, if appropriate traces that make possible. There would be first of all as certification of the Religiosität in the year 1780 with a local 1782 p notes

13 this place of worship calculation. 4 that starting from 1786 in the future the repair of funds all the lay office to Münchsteinach to be home-pointed are. Thus was void the group “on Gebäu and patchwork” and with it a today important source into gewöhnli the CH carefully kept Place of worship calculations. To Begriindung of this instruction had the examiners already in the place of worship calculation 1780 (p. 4) noticed, measured the place of worship bey that Secula (ri) sirung [the Benediktinerklosters 1528] not (s) left as the bell bag.

14 nationalchurch archives Nuremberg, Pfarrarchiv Stübach: Place of worship calculation 1782. Taken this work knows

15 strict like the 1791 the still following Hasse1bacher only attributed become. But always the same foundress from Hanbach as well as the stylistic Characteristics leave the hand of the Münchsteinacher Of Drechslermeisters as safe appear.

16STROBEL (like note 1), P. 168.

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Fig.5. Johann Balthasar hectar more Hasselbacher, Vortra gekr euz (1785) in evang. - Iuth. Pfarrk irche Stüb oh

Fig.6. Johann Balrhasar Hasselbacher, ehema liges altar crucifix (1791) in the Stübacher church

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enjoyed together carried expenditure for one Seat in the church: 38 2 /George William feather/spring and Balthasar Hassel (more bacher) pays 5 cruisers more dahier for a Kirchen=Stand. One something held 17 its social Reputation, if it were enough only for a half place. On the other hand the beginning Drechslermeister had - he was with 26 Years stepped in the summer into the earliest and and could now a workshop manage - from its Vorzeit still another delicate Problem at the neck: Margaretba Magdalena Spuria, 18 nata too monk stone oh the 6 t (e) n Febr (uarii) [1780j. Pater is seyn] ohann Balthasar Haselbacher Drechssler too monk stone oh. Mould: One already some years ago in Münchsteinach with their Nut/mother tightened very bad Dirne named Maria Gruberin, which already twin Hurenkinder gebohren before, like ministers johann Friedrich bounce (1778-1789), which commentated church book leaders, probably with Entrüstung and sighing. '? This next to last dear adventure of our Drechslers gave but at least the poor place of worship an additional important falling Intrade: 4 guldens income because of church penalty of Balthasar Hasselbacher and Maria Gruberin von Müncbsteinacb. “Unfortunately Hasselbacher obviously became briefly before its wedding, which he celebrated in July 1780, again backdue, because the place of worship calculation 1781 books under “Incomes because of Church penalty " the usual sentence of 2 guldens of Balthasar Hasselbacher from Münchsteinach, its Geschwängerte, Elisabetha Gansserin, has its church bus in well do RA getban. “ This occasionally almost lucrative income items “Church penalties” it gave - as beyond that in all other markgräflichen Pfarreien and as well as only quite within the catholic range - in that Münchsteinacher place of worship calculation until 1796. Still in the absolutist Prussian time it became, apparent because of associated in particular documented discrimination to the use of the church institution, one enlightened Do not think corresponded, abolished. In that Münchsteinacher place of worship calculation 1795/96 marked the examiner in Bayreuth to such incomes: In the future are not no more passirt. Of on it off they are missing to the following year

17 place of worship calculation Münchsteinach 1780.
18 Spuria = “Hurenkind”.
19 baptismal registers Münchsteinach 1780, No. 4.
20 place of worship calculation Münchsteinach 1780. 21 the penalty charge of 2 guldens should only Loskauf of the social dishonor its. Who at that time already ranked among the” suspended Prekariat “, she was all the same to that.

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therefore. In some business years this fell Einkunftsart powerfully in Weight. Thus 1794/95 in the “bell Säcklein” became 38 guldens 52 4/5 Cruiser collected (p. 1); full 10 guldens became meanwhile of that Königl (I) Preussi (schen) Stadtvoigtey to new city to the Aisch in adulterial Things of the Margaretha Sabina Hahnin and their appendix to the Münch more steinacher Church cash transferred. “This Mrs., the 1772 a Münchsteina cher cutter master had married itself, “its trace twenty years later, had handling another loses, at that time only 27-jährigen married Cutter at the place, 24der in that year 1794/95 with the Gottesh out Münchsteinach with 33 guldens 22 '/5 cruisers Frankish to 4% 25 and with that localchurch “Armen=Cassa” Münchsteinach with 80 guldens Frankish too substantially in the chalk was located to 5% 26. Further surprised customers were in the reference time area this a yearly a freshly married farmer from Münchsteinach, “furthermore the likewise married, 43-jährige local “Chiru rg” and Bader 28 and ours also with the place of worship with 112 guldens of 44 cruisers Frankish to the interest rate of 5% highly indebted, “at that time 40-jähriger Drechsler Johann Balthasar Hasselbacher. This obviously moved now in a lower social environment. Now indebtedness was not by any means craftsman typical. Borrowed Money could use everyone once. The main thing thereby was that it also Interest and repayment by right came. Also the finally after Lindenhardt taken off Minister George Christopli Elias inherit, which from 1789 to 1793 of the combined Pfarrei Schornweisach Mün had managed chsteinach, “found itself for many years in the target, since 1. May 1793 with a loan of 107 guldens 30 4 5 cruisers Frankish to 4%, 31 to at the 1. May 1797 the Schulmeister Friedrich Maison in Schornweisach this debt took over. “Ministers inherit, the new

22 God shausrechnun g Münchsteinach 1794/95, p. 2.
23 mourn gister Münch stone oh 1772, P. 208 (6,10.).
24 Beerdi gungsregi ster Münch stone oh 1828, No. 3, and 1838, No. 36. To
25 God-strike srechnun g Münchsteinach 1794/95, p. 3.10.
26 Ebd., p. 11. 13.
27 Trauregi st it 1794, No. 2.
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31 God-strike srechnung Münchsteinach 1793/94, p. to 4.11.
32 God-strike srechnung Münchsteinach 1796/97, P: 10.

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Ways in. the agriculture searched, had last still one in that Schornweisacher corridor ge \ egenen field on pump bought and this field now to the Schulmeister continues to sell, who occurred the credit agreement. On the other hand one attached importance to a honorige Feature, which itself also in the possession of equal several church chairs to express could. Such still personally refined status symbol afforded the eight years younger Brother of our craftsman artist: 24 cruisers Frankish that paid Drechsler George Konradt Hasselbacher more dahier for one so far in the church Plaz Nro empty stood. 67, 68, 69, 70 and bauete itself at own expense one Lattice conditions there. 33 Johann Balthasar Hasselbachers way into the indebtedness and more schliesslicher Bankruptcy with the church as Geldinstitut is good to pursue. we experience 1786: 21 guldens are more dahier the Drechssler master and Inwohner, Johann Balthasar Hasselbacher, borrowed against an obligation, and become of new year 1787 at tinning set. The interest rate amounted to 5%. According to place of worship calculation 1787 had the Drechsler in addition still another old debt of 38 guldens 19 2 To serve/5 cruisers. It was one of six native applicants for the credit, to those the place of worship altogether 178 guldens 17 2 /5 cruisers lent had. 1789 had Hasselbacher still additional 59 guldens - again on obligation - take up, so that it now with 80 Gulden was indebted. 1791 it had already a load of 112 guldens 44 Cruisers at the neck, with Principal one to 1796/97 on the highest level of 140 guldens, remaining then 20 cruisers increased. But the interest sank now on 4%. Until 1809 Johann Balthasar Hasselbacher lived apparent in the half House No. 55 (= Neustädter STR. 21), that its father 1747 acquired and it 1780 when its marriage had taken over. “In the place of worship calculation 1809/10 are noted the mischief: 140 guldens of 20 cruisers as with that Drechslermeister Johann Balthasar Haselbacher capital more dahier stood jährl (I) with 4 per 0. verzinnslich, (...) of the Königl (ichen) are law office Brookbrook brook bezalt to the local place of worship back to tin year Conclusion 1809. That this procedure Hasselbachers bankruptcy with utilization that ” Security “, its half house, shows, confirmed those now baieri -

33 place of worship calculation Münchsteinach 1794/95, income at church chair funds.
34 association for local history and tourism Münchsteinach (Hrsg.), Münchsteinach. Ours Village in the change of the time. The houses and their owners. Münchsteinach 2002, P. 152.

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see place of worship calculation 1812/13, where the loss , that the church cash is betrauert to book had: Johann Balthes Hasselbacher of Münchsteinach, Tin remainder from the year 1810:32 gulden of 12 cruisers. Are lost in Gant gone and are suitable for striking down. As old interest remainders of that in the Gant verlustigten capital, the Balthes Hasselbacher to Münchsteinach once borrowed, but last the place of worship calculation was registered persistent 1815/16 the external conditions of 32 guldens of 12 cruisers. Hasse1bacher, that except two already adults daughters also still one only, that had 1794 born son Peter 35 also the Drechslerhandwerk learned, found a new lodging in the outside gate building of the former monastery office attachment, which he inhabited until 1821, when it was divided. “In the year Wdairtawuef üsbtaerrblebetre ainhnLuumng1en3ejanhtzre.ü " ndung, “nearly 6-8 - years-- old - become. Its In Münchsteinach at present only out of service placed the long calls Lecture cross in the church its name. Who was however the foundress from Hanbach, which availed itself of its talent, over to adorn their own parish church? Those retain the memory of it Stübacher of church books. There we experience that Dorothea Deiningerin, those third daughter of the deceased Sebastian Friedrich Deininger, to 15. May 1747 in Stübach the beginning farmer man Martin Reininger in Hanbach, only son of the there farmer and Siebners Johann Reininger, married had. “Basin was born you on 13 August 1722 as a daughter of the Stübacher and restaurant operator/barkeeper” to the black eagle “master Sebastian Friedrich Deininger and his Mrs. Sibylla Magdalena, geborner Knollin. “The married man died to 3. March 1780 at the age of nearly 68 years. Their own funeral entry too Beginning of the year 179741 reveals again something from that Rätselhaftigkeit of the run the world, that own expectations so often contradicts:

35 baptismal registers Münchsteinach 1794, No. 9. - Trusting register Münchsteinach 1826, No. 5. 36 Ebd. , P. 100. 102. - After the division exactly in the gate elbow center into the house numbers 76 and to 60 Hs, No. 60 belonged 1821 to George deer.
37 funeral registers Münchsteinach 1822, No. 5:]ohann Balthasar Hasselbacher, Drechslermeister in Münchsteinach. Mortius) 24 February [1822J at a Lungenentzün dung . Sepultus serve) 26. ejusd (em) with a lecture. (...)
38 funeral registers Münchsteinach 1835, No. 17.
39 Evang. - Luth. Pfarramt Baud brook, trusting register of the Evang Luth. Pfarrei Stübach 1747, Nr.3.
40 baptismal registers Stübach 1722, No. 10.
41 funeral registers Stübach 1797, No. 1.

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Deiningerin Dorothea, Weyl (and) Martin Reiningers, been Hochfürstl ( I) Bayreuth (ischen) Unterthanjen] u (lp) Gutsbesizzers to Hannbach left Wittib, died Sunday the 1t (e) n [enner or at the New Year's Day At noon between 11 and 12 o'clock more from weakening and weakness of the Age, after it had before one unglückl (ichen) case in the cellar gethan, and ward Wednesday the 4t (e) n ejusd (em) before corpse lecture held to Earth bestattet. Their age 75 year, 4 months, 3 weeks u (lp) 3 days. “ N (ota) B (ene:) It made different Geschencke u (lp) for unsrer church donation ( EN). Z (over) E (xempel) Taufstein, Crucifixus on D (em) altar, cross bey Leich (EN), u (lp) the rotbe company [= clothing] at the pulpit u (lp) altar.
Whom occurs there not the picture from the Neujahrsepistel: ” A smoke cloud are you, which remains only short time, then however “ disappears. 4,14)?

42 The minister calculated too much here five days.