Where Your Ancestors Were Conceived:

The House-book for Münchsteinach extracted elsewhere (with permission for non-commercial family use only) in these pages tells us that Johann George Hasselbacher and his successors lived in Hausnummer 55.  Today it is at 21 Neustäter Str.  The house is sited in the shadow of the former monastery almost immediately on the right as you approach Münchsteinach from the south. I will highlight its location on a map of Münchsteinach later.  The house is currently undergoing a renovation for commercial purposes: it has undoubtedly been renovated before. 

I tried to chat up the neighbors to see what might be learned.  The folks in the back part of the dwelling (currently a different dwelling that may or not have been a part of the house, or perhaps a barn or a shop associated with House No. 21) did not know anything and seemed suspicious of me.  I can’t say I blame them.  However, I had a nice conversation (mostly sign language and my pigeon German) with the farmer presently living next door. (The house is seen at the left side of the upper photo on page 153.)  The farmer told me that there was once a house between the two that burned down.  Such a house is indeed visible in other photos that I will show anyone who is interested. He also told me a wonderful story that is typical of the detail-rich historical environment of the area. On the wall of his house was the original of the photo that is printed in the Münchsteinach house-book.  He told me that the middle of three young girls in the photo was the mother of his wife.  I repeatedly encountered that kind of intertwined serendipity in my visits. I received a similar revelation when an elderly relative in Diespeck identified for me in a picture of the same era her father, his first wife, and his three first children.  What a thrill to place a name with a previously unknown photograph.

Our folks have been here a long time.  More than once I found people who know of our families or who were related by blood or marriage.  Our family names are written all across the Aischgrund: in church books, cemeteries, war memorials and history books.  Relatives both living and dead are indeed falling out of the woodwork to greet us!

House number 55, now Neustäter Str. 21. Originally acquired by Johann George Hasselbacher, it was handed down to descendants over the next three generations.