During my October 2006 trip I purchased this book listing the residents of all the houses in Munchsteinach in the 18th and 19th Centuries. There was a clan of Hasselbachers there that provides the connection to Peter the Elder. The Drechsler (wood-turner) Johann Georg Hasselbacher is Peter's father. Of interest is that "Peter" is obviously a given name used by this family line. The name Peter is not used by the Diespeck line and is used sparingly in the other lines presented in these pages. Note also that Johann Balthasar took a wife from Oberrossbach, the ancestral villiage of all the Franconia Hasselbachers. This Balthasar is the brother to Peter the Soldier and he named a son of his own, Peter.

A relative of mine in Germany recently sent me this:
"Every year we get a little book from our museum of local history about new information. The most recent ist written about Johann Balthasar Hasselbacher, born 1754, who was a wood-turner (also his father) and living in Münchsteinach. He made some crosses for churches in Münchsteinach and also in Stübach during the years 1774 - 1791. He died 1822 very poor and had 2 daugthers and 1 son (Peter)." I will post a copy of this article soon!

I take this book to be an official publication of the Municipality but could be wrong. There may be copyright issues so please do not redistribute. This excerpt is for internal family use only.

This large pdf file contains the contents of the materials on Peter Hazelbaker compiled by the Jonannes Schwalm Historical Association. I am grateful to Jill Hazelbaker Foley for steering me to this website (as well as steering me to the Purzner Family Website). This assemblage of records and correspondence is devoted to Hessian soldiers and their descendants. It is housed at Franklin & Marshall College and I am grateful for their sending me the materials. My cover letters are a little outdated but explain my interest in these materials. Much if not all of this will be new or of interest to descendants of Peter Hazelbaker.

Hasselbachers of Munchsteinach in 18th Century (1 MB)

Supporting and Reference Materials

Schwalm Archives (24 MB pdf)