Until there is a need for a more structured catalog of images, I will place old family and other interesting photos in this part of the site. Please contribute your oldest photographs.
Baptismal Font from Diespeck
This is the font from the Kirche St. Johannes der Täufer. (St. John the Baptist) in Diespeck. It is a quite pretty little church. The font appears in the crest of the town itself. I don't know its age yet, but my ancestors have been baptized in it for many years. I had an overpowering feeling of being among them last fall when I received a blessing from the Pfarrer at the churche's alter. Pretty powerful stuff!
Daniel Hazelbaker

This portrait was provided by Marcy Boyle Hoover, Daniels GG Granddaughter. Daniel himself was the GG Grandson of Peter Hasselbacher/ Hazelbaker.
Nürnberg Hasselbachers.
These are my Great-Grandparents Johann Hasselbacher and Anna Hertlein in 1895. Johann was born in Diespeck and Anna in Fuchsstadt. Their daughter Babetta was born in Gossmannsdorf and their sons Michael and Konrad (my Grandfather) in Nuremberg.
Barbara Hasselbacher.
I copied this photo in the home of a Hasselbacher family in the Aischgrund.  It is my understanding that she is the half-sister of my Great-Grandfather Johann Hasselbacher above. (I can see some resemblance.)  I have additional information including a birth certificate from Diespeck.  Like so many other things, I need to get her material organized.
Illinois Hasselbachers.
Ludwig was the oldest son of John Peter Hasselbacher and Eva Marie Gundacker and the first of the Illinois Hasselbachers to be born in the USA. This photo taken c1915 and was provided to me by relatives living in Germany.
Oberrossbach. This is what it looks like today. Quite the quaint suburban village. This was an early village settled by the Hasselbacher Exulanten. Earlier villages included Unterrossbach and Unterschweinach.