The principal Hasselbacher Tree was assembled by me from my own research and that of others I was able to link in. (My debt to these people is enormous and acknowledged where I can or was permitted to do so.) I am also beginning to find other smaller Hasselbacher, Haselbacher, or similar family groups whose connection is as yet unknown or perhaps non-existent.  I do not want to loose track of these folks.  Some of these clusters are presented elsewhere on this site. (The Haselbachers of California and Dinkelsbühl are such a family.) Where there are enough individuals, I will place them in a separate tree.  By placing their names on the site I can both keep track of them and make it possible for someone else to see them and offer information.  It is not possible for anyone in the world to do a Google search on our name or one of its variants without being led to this site.

The Hazelbaker tree is so large (over 15,000 names in our list), and the family so discrete, that I plan to keep it separate for a while.  There are a number of Hazelbaker family historians out there and my hope would be eventually to see various Hazelbaker Trees collated and synchronized.  That would be a file I would want to see created!  That is probably a job for the Hazelbakers. For the time being I am willing to maintain and update what I have for my Haselbaker cousins.

 The master files supporting the information on the site are kept on my home computer and I update the online version periodically. Although in theory it is possible to make alterations online and download a updated version back to my desktop,  I am advised that it is not a good idea to maintain the master version online. Each person and family is assigned a unique identifier by my genealogy program, (Reunion for the Mac).  The concern is that in the process of moving a large file back and forth that the identifying numbers can get scrambled or categories of data lost. Additionally, I am reluctant to trust the full extent of my work to the vague “internet cloud.” For the time being, I will maintain the master files locally on my home computer and upload privacy-sensitive updates to the publicallyand privately accessible databases on