Andreas Friedrich Hasselbacher

Born 25 May 1830 in Diespeck Germany

Andreas Friedrich was my (Peter's) first cousin, five times removed (1C5R). He was the 6th child of 9 and the first of two sons of his parents Georg and Magdalena. He is important to the family because he immigrated to America in 1872 and established a line of the Family in Cincinnati. (He may not have been the first of his siblings to come to Cincinnati, and was not the first to come to America: he had sisters who also came over.) He may have led a colorful life as a Buttner (barrel-maker or cooper), an occupation he continued in America. We have some civil records about his life in both Germany and America.  His birth record entry is the last one on the following images, #29.

His Marriage Record to Catharina can be seen here.

Diespeck Taufbuch: 1830 Seite 24 Num. 29
Hausnummer 101 in Diespeck
Geborn der 25 Maii *** *****
Getauft Samstag d. 229 Maii.

Diespeck Baptisms for 1830, Page 24 Number 29
Lived in House number 101 Diespeck.
A legitimate male birth.
Born 25 May, and Baptized Saturday 29 May.

Andreas Friedrich Hasselbacher
Pater Georg Hasselbacher, Butt? [?Böttcher] Meister
Mat. Maria Magdalena geb. Hergott
Teft. Andreas Friedrich Görl ***.

Father is Georg Hasselbacher Barrel-maker Master
Mother is Maria Magdalena born Hergott
Godparent is Andreas Friedrich Görl, **?

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