Johann Simon Hasselbacher

Born 12 Oct 1791 in Diespeck, Germany

I do not know much about Johann Simon.  He had an accidental death in 1814 at the age of 22.

Churh record here

Mittwoch des 12ten 8bris.
+ 21.) Johann Simon, des Johann Georg
Hasselbachers, Bauersmanns und Einwohners
alhier ***: Sohnlein Abends um 7 Uhr geboren,
Freitag des 14th *** getauft; Taufpet* des Johann
Simon Frech, ?G├Ąchr und Einwohner alhier.

On Wednesday 12 October 1791
The cross may indicate a death, but when?
Birth # 21) Johann Simon, son of Johann Georg
Hasselbacher, farmer and inhabitant
here ***. Little son evening about 7 hours born.
Friday 14 of same month baptized: Godfather is Johann
Simon Frech?, [occupation not translated] and inhabitant
[of Diespeck}].


No mother is mentioned but the date and father's name leave little doubt. Johann Georg was the first Hasselbacher of my direct line born in Diespeck. (A half-brother, Johann Caspar, born out of wedlock preceeded him.  View the Church Record here, and the Abstract here.)

It is unusual that there is no mother mentioned.

Notice how in Diespeck at that time, the child was very often named after the godparent.

I think the 's' added to names indicated the Genitive possessive gramatical case.