Katharina Margaretha Hasselbacher

Born 27 Sep 1788 in Diespeck, Germany

Catharina (or Katharina) Margaretha is my 4G Grandmother. 
Her death record from 1844 can be viewed here.

Churh record here

Diespeck Tauf Buch 1788 Seit 11
Monday des 22 7bris [Sept]
22.) Catharina Margaretha, des Johann Georg
Hasselbachers, des Georg Hasselbacher, Bauresmanns
dahier älteste Sohns, mit Anna Maria Wehrin,
des Johann Heinrich? Wehrs, [Liosig? Ledig] Bauersmanns
2den Tochter in [Unfrau] ******* Töchterlein
Mittags um 1/2 2 Uhr geboren Samstag, ***
getauft: Taufpets ist: Catharina Margerethe
Hasselbacherin des Georg Hasselbachers, Bauersm:
Dahier 2de Tochter. [C.B.?] das **** Patres?
[Schrersre?]. vid. Des Pfarr Regi status und Copulations Buch.

Diespeck Baptism Records of 1788, Page 11
Monday [Astrological sign] the 22d of September:
Record #22) Catharina Margaretha, daughter of Johann Georg
Hasselbacher, son of Georg Hasselbacher, farmer
[here] and [also] his oldest son; and Anna Maria Wehr,
daughter of Johann Heinrich? Wehr ******* Farmer's
second daughter in [two words untranslated] little daughter
midday at 1/2 2 hours born Saturday ***
Baptized. Godparent is: Catharina Margaretha
Hasselbacher, daughter of George Haselbacher, Farmer:
here. [added later]: Pfarr. registry status in Marriage Book.
[couple were married later]


It is obvious that there were several words I could not yet read or translate! If you can or have a better interpretation, let me know.  Frankly I am amazed that I have learned to read this old writing.  It is only because these church entries are so standardized that I can even begin.  The more you read of an individual writer, the more you can interpret.

There is some ambiguity about the spelling of Wehr, or should it be Wohr or Wöhr?  I will try to resolve this.

A line over a consonant doubles it: Aña is Anna.

The family relationships outlined above are consistent with what is known about the family tree. Johann George was the oldest son of the farmer Georg. Georg also had a daughter named Katharina Margaretha (born 1768) who is sister of Johann Georg and aunt as well as Godmother to the new child. The parents of the child were not married at the time of birth, but married the next month on 24 Nov 1788.

This child, Catharina Margaretha, is my (Peter's) 4G Grandmother. She would raise a single child as an unmarried mother. That child, Johann Konrad, would become a tailor and the patriarch of my family line.

These older church book baptisms had deteriorated and were rebound with the pages between plastic sheets.  That causes some glare in the photography.