Margaretha Barbara Hasselbacher

Born 8 May 1798 in Diespeck, Germany

Oldest daughter of Johann Georg Hasselbacher and Anna Maria Wehr.  She is my 5G Aunt.

Mittwoch den achten Maii./ der 8t Maii/
10) Margaretha Barbara, des Johann Georg Hassel-
bachers, ?Birkenfeldischer Unterthans, Bauersmanns
und Einwohners alhier, mit ?seiner Frau: Anna
Maria, **** geboren Wehrin, *** Töchterlin
früh um 4 Uhr geboren. Donnerstag die getauft. Tauf
pat[en] ist: Margaretha Barbara, des Johan Leonhardt
Wehrs, Bauersmanns und Einwohners alhier Ehefrau.

Wednesday the 8th of May
#10. Margaretha Barbara, [daughter of ] Johann Georg Hassel-
bacher, ?Birkenfeld Unterthans, Farmer
and inhabitant here, with his wife Anna
Maria, **** born Wehr., **** little daughter,
early at 4:00 born. Thursday baptized. God-
mother is: Margaretha Barbara, Johann Leonhard
Wehr's (farmer and inhabitant here) wife.

Abstract of Proclamation of Marriage 1828

The record is from a book of 1828 on page 266.  Marg[aretha] Barbara Haselbacher, age 30, and Johann Leonhard Schramm, age 28 make a [prok]lamation of marriage in 1828. I think a Church festival day is named as the date, but I do not recognize it. [Se•age*.]  The groom is a Maueresgeselle [ mason's apprentice] from nearby Rößleinsdorf– a village just south of Neustadt and now part of that city.  The grooms father is the deceased Peter Schramm, a Taglöhner [day worker, small farmer] from Rößleinsdorf.  The bride's father is named as Johann Konrad of Diespeck, but I believe this is an error.




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