Church Record of Confirmation

Item 7 in the list above is our Abraham Wilhelm Ecker. His birthday is 16 July which would be 14 years before April 1884, the date of this confirmation class. His father is Jakob Ecker who was deceased at the time of the confirmation as designated by the cross before his name.  The word following Jakob's last name is probably his occupation but I cannot make that out at this time. The family page lists Jakob as a müller with this untranslated word is added.  The last column refers to the entry number of the family of Jakob in the church book of Family Registers.  This entry (#43) is posted elsewhere on this site.

Note entry #13 in the girl's list below for Rosina Katharina Ecker, born 23 January, and whose father is Gottlieb Ecker, a müller (müller is an Ecker family occupation).  Rosina Katharina's father, Gottleib Friedrich, was a brother of Jakob and thus she is a first cousin to Abraham Wilhelm. On her family register page there is a notation by Rosina's name that there is some illegitimacy involved in her birth. The family register page is available to anyone interested.