This is the Ecker entry for the index to the oldest book of Family Registers within the churchbooks of Unterreichenbach, Germany, the ancestral village of my Ecker family.  As you might imagine, this was a godsend. Not only did the Pfarrer or scribe identify which pages contained Ecker families, but also nested the entries by generation.  I have all these pages; indeed, I have the entire collection of Registry Pages in the first two volumes. Alas, the Eckers seem to have disappeared after the mid 1800s.  There are no more new families living in the village other than these. Neither are there any modern confirmations in the 20th century. Nonetheless, these pages and indexes will help track other family lines in what was a small community.

A few words about terminology and abbreviations used in the index.  A Folio Number (or Registry Number) without qualification refers to a numbered entry in what I have been calling the Old Series. All these are on the right sided page of the book. If the number is followed by a superscript 'b', then the entry is handwritten on the left facing page and may not have a page number written on it.  If the Folio number is preceded by an as yet indeterminate letter, then the entry is in what I have been calling the Second Series.  These include numbers 43-46.  I will  repair these terminologies when I figure things out better!

Peter Hasselbacher
Oct 19, 2007