Marriage of Jakob Ecker and Juliana Rosina Fischer; 22 Feb 1829


This is the marriage record from the church books of Unterreichenbach.  This couple are the parents of Abraham Wilhelm Ecker.  I have condensed two facing pages with multiple entries so that the headings would be apparent. This record is not as easy to make out.  Theirs was the 3d marriage of 1829 in this church. Column 2 has the names of the Bride and Groom. The 3d column tells us that Jakob was a Bürger and Müller from Reichenbach. (Different from Unterreichenbach?) I can't make out the third line but I think it says they are both something.  The fourth column gives the names of the parents. ( I could use some confirmation of Kraut and Bär.) The fifth column gives marriage status and names of prior spouses. In this case both are 'ladig' or single. (Is the word I think is 'both' the same as in column 3?)

On the facing page, the first column has the birth dates  and places of the couple. The second column has some technical information about the progress of the marriage, but I do not understand it. It refers to Jan 30, 1829. The next column I think refers to the dates of the bans or proclamations in church of the impending marriage. The fourth column is the date and lace of marriage. I do not understand the remaining columns save the last which refers to the Family Register number for this marriage: #43.