Newark City Directories

These are two pages from the Newark Directory that were provided to me by the volunteers seeking to reconstruct the history of the Woodland Cemetery in Newark. You will note that there were fewer heads of family in 1910 than in 1900. No doubt a major reason is that the families were leaving Newark for surrounding towns.

Some families were dwindling for other reasons. Note too how many more Eckerts there are than Eckers. As of March 2008 I have still not made any connection although just as in the old church books of Europe and the books of Ellis Island, occasional transcription errors are made in official records, albeit more frequently corrected. Due to information provided from Woodland Cemetery folks and my own research, I can identify most of these Eckers. They will appear in updated family tree databases. PDF versions of the 1900 Directory and the 1910 Directory can be downloaded here.