In my searches for known family, I keep turning up Hasselbachers about whom I know nothing.  I am in hopes that some one will find their way here and help me out.

Here is a perfectly straightforward 1910 census report for the butcher Alexander Hasselbacher of  Germany and his family. He was born around 1865, immigrated in 1880, and married an American-born woman about 1889.  His wife is Anna, and their children are Alexander (also a butcher), Anna, and Bertha.

Living in the same house is Francis Maier who also immigrated from Germany in 1880.  The house is 488 Bergen Rd. in the City of Newark.




I also found census reports for 1900 and 1920.  The name was spelled Hesselbacher in these two latter reports.  As is often the case, some of the other details are off a little.  In 1900 Alexander immigrates in 1833, born Oct 1865, and had been married 10 years.  He was a provision dealer and was living on Montgomery St.

In 1920, Alexander and Annie were living alone on Linden.  Alexander was 53 and had immigrated in 1882 from Germany/ Bretton.

If anyone wishes to see these last two census reports, let me know.