Below is a drawing or print that hangs in the Church of Münchsteinach. I do not know its age, but it must be a depiction well before the 1700s.  The church and some of the monastery buildings remain today. Notice the pond in the upper center of the image along what is today Neustädter Straße. To the left of it are two small buildings and a barn. This is approximately the area of the "Hasselbacher estate."

The next image is a screen shot of a Google Earth Image of Münchsteinach. You can identify the area of a pond.  The church is seen in the lower left.  The current location of House #55 is in approximately the center of the image (the adjacent red and dark roofs).

Here is a detail of a map from 1828 that is presented in its entirety elsewhere.  The resolution is not great because it is a screen shot of another web image that could not be downloaded.  The problem I had with it is that there did not appear to be a substantial building in the area occupied today by House #55. 

By this time however, my German has improved enough to be able to make some sense of the text of the book and the legend of the map. A brown block appears to indicate an inhabited dwelling, and an orange one an uninhabited one.  In this old map, what is today the site of house #55 contains a smaller outbuilding. House #55 is in brown and has no number within it.  House #55 is to the right and immediately adjacent to House #56.

[In October 2010, I revisited this map with some knowledgable neighbors. Running behind the outbuildings at the top of the map detail above was a millrace that carried water around the pond to a mill at that site.  The small orange outbuilding where the new House #55 is today is thought to be a small hut or shed where employees of the mill would have lived.]

The book's text also helps. The last Hasselbacher of that name left House #55 by 1880. In 1927 it was taken over by a blacksmith and immediately burned down. The house was rebuilt in 1928.  Armed with this new understanding and having been recently physically on-site, I revisited the old photos of both houses.  Those results are presented on the next page.

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