Summary of Lists.

Here is a summary of lists of communicants for all of 1775 through the last Sunday in 1776 in which Peter Hasselbacher's name appears. A PDF version can be downloaded here (46 kb).

Abstracted from Lists of Communicants:  St Nikolaus- Münster, Münchsteinach
Abbreviation Name When Communicants Hasselbachers Present
Dom: Canti: Dominicus Cantate 4 Sun. aft. Easter 41 Helena Barbara
Festo Adse: Christi Ascensio Christi 6 Sun aft. Easter 81
Festo Pentec Pentecoste  21* Georg Conrad 
Dom: I post Trin: Trinitatis 1st Sun. aft. Trinity 62 Peter
Dom: II     "        " Trinitatis 2d     "      "       " 50 Balthasar
Dom: III    "        " Trinitatis 3d     "      "       " 43
Dom: XVII "        " Trinitatis 17th  "      "       " 15
Die Sim & Judae St. Simon & St. Jude Late October 19
Dom: XXI p. T. II  Trinitatis 21st   "      "       " 57 Helena Barbara
Dom: XXIII post Trin: Trinitatis 23d    "      "       " 110 Georg Conrad
Die Andrae St. Andrew's Day Late November 69 Balthsar, Peter
Dom: II Adv: Advent 2d Sun in Advent 42
Dom: Palm: Palm Sunday Sun bef. Easter 13
Dom: Quasimodog: Quasi modo genti Sun aft. Easter 18
Dom: Jubilate Jubliate 3d Sun. aft. Easter 35
Dom: Cant: Dominicus Cantate 4th Sun. aft. Easter 54 Helena Barbara
Festo Adse: Christi Ascensio Christi 6th Sun. aft. Easter Balathasar, Peter
Peter's name no longer found after the last notation above.
*Lists two categories of "Cateohumeni" or confirmands instead of communicants. 
Prepared by: P Hasselbacher, Sept 2013

We find the names of Peter, his mother Helena Barbara, and brother Balthasar three times each, although not on the same days. Brother Georg Conrad appears in the lists twice, although for the first time as a confirmand. I will show that list elsewhere in case someone can confirm my interpretation and explain the two different categories of individuals.

Attendance at church varied and was less than I expected. The 23d Day after Trinity was a big day for the church with 110 people counted. I am not aware that this was a particularly special holy day.  As I looked at the list again later, I saw that there were only 39 in married pairs, widowers, or widows.  All the rest were "singles."  I suspect that this was a day for confirmations/first commnions. Georg Conrad's name appears here, perhaps as a communicant for the first time.  This hypothesis can be tested at a future visit.


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