I have seen different dates for the birth of Peter Hasselbacher of Münchsteinach. In such cases it is always best to go to the record if one is available. Here is a photograph from the actual church books.

Here is my best translation.  In this Catalog of Baptisms from 1759, Peter Haaselbacher, born in Münchsteinach on 22d March, in the evening at 9 hours [something]. Father: Johann Georg Haaselbacher, Drech-ler [turner] from here.  Mother: Helena Barbara birth name Langin from Burghaslach.  Godfather: Peter Wendler? bauer [farmer] from Kleinsteinach [just down the road towards Diespeck!].

Don't be put off by the spelling of the names.  The double 'a' in Hasselbacher is not a common variant but would sound about the same as with a single one. I cannot be sure whether a single or double 's' is used.  I would have to see more samples of the minister's writing.  The name was spelled either way depending on what the church official heard.  Helena Barbara' s father was named Lang.  The 'in' on the end is the typical feminine grammatical inflection.

Peter took his given name from his godfather.  That was a common practice in this area.

I find it interesting that some Latin and Latin script seems to be used in this Evangelish church. Compare the Latin 'B' in the title Baprizatorum to the German 'B' in Bauer.  I think die renatus is also Latin.  Compare the Latin 'u' in that word to the German 'u' with a "hook" over it in Burghaslach. The headings for Father, etc., seem to be Latin, not German. There was a major monastery in Münchsteinach.   I know little of its history but it was probably Catholic at one time.