Photos from the past 5 years of the Imperial Castle in Nürnberg before and during restoration.  A series of photos of city landmarks that are emphasized in a 1937 landscape of the city painted from the vantage point of the Castle are also shown.

  • Sinwell Tower, Observation Terrace, and Building "C".
  • Sinwell Tower, Well House, and Heavenly Gate from Inner Gate
  • Sinwell Tower construction, gate to Terrace, and "Private Building (C) on the right.
  • Sinwell Tower July 2009 with its scaffolding. Observation terrace is through the doorway.
  • Sinwell Tower- Looking down its stairs.
  • Sinwell Tower Graffiti
  • Street below Castle
  • Hütt'n Inn. Good eats below the castle.
  • Albrecht Durer Platz. Sinwell Tower with scaffolding in background.