The first known places in Nürnberg where my Hasselbacher and Baÿerl families lived were in the village of Wöhrd.  It is now, and probably was then a district or "suburb" of Nürnberg.  Nonetheless, a postcard mailed to Lina Hasselbacher in Wöhrd would have been a sufficient address in Germany!

The village itself is quite old.  I was told by an old guide that the circular streets were a manifestation of the old walls that were needed "to keep the wolves out" be they animal or human I suppose. Their pattern is still visible.

The little church marked in the center is St Bartholomaeus, and is where my Great Grandparents Johann and Anna Hasselbacher were married when no other church would consecrate their "mixed marriage."

I found this old map at a used-book kiosk in the plaza around the St. Lorenz Church in central Nürnberg.  The date above is the guess of the proprietor.