Abstracts of Church Records from Münchsteinach


These are primarily abstracts of baptisms, but usually the date of birth is also provided. Baptisms are the most numerous of the sacraments recorded.  Many of these names become lost to me because they die as infants and may therefore not have a burial record, because they move away, or in the case of both males and females, because they marry somewhere else.  Women in general are most easily lost when they take the name of their husband, are referred to by first name only, or when they are referred to only by their given names.   The earliest record beolw is from 1762, and the latest from 1855. (Note that all three 's' spellings in Hasselbacher are used in these records: a single 's, a double 'ss,' and 'ß.')

On the left are lines for Name for last and Vorname for first names. Below that are lines for Geburtstag or birthday and Tauftag or baptismal day. On the right is the Jahr or year of the event and the Seite or page in the churchbook on which the record is to be found. Below this material are the names of the Vater und Mutter or father and mother, the Beruf or occupation of the father, and, and Wohnort or place where they came from originally. The maiden name of the mother is given. The line at the bottom of the form is for remarks about illegitimacy. (Vermerk bei Unehelichen).

Thus the abstract immediately below is for Anna Barbara Haselbacher who was born March 3 and baptized March 6. (At a time when infant mortality was high, they didn't waste any time in protecting their children through baptism.) The year and page of the event was 1790 and page 80. The father is Johann Balthasar Haselbacher who is a Drechsler living in M[ünchsteinach] and the mother is Anna Barbara Ströbel from Ober-Roßbach.


Below is the record for Georg Conrad, Peter's younger brother.

The record below is for a "totgeb. Mädchen" or stillborn girl who would have been a sister to our Peter.

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