Abstracts of Church Records from Münchsteinach


These are abstracts of death and burial records.  On the left side are entered the family name of Hasselbacher and the first or given names. Below the names are the Beruf or occupation, Wohnung or place of residence,and the Familienstand or family status (such as widow, single, etc.). Geboren asks for birth dates but none are entered here.

On the left are the Pfarrei or church, and the year (Jahr) and page (Seite) of the record.  Below that are the days of death (Sterbtag) and burial (Begrabnistag), and Sonstiges or "other" and is used here mostly for cause of death.  The last line is gives the age of the individual in years, months, weeks, and days. This is most helpful in paring a death with a birth record as the same given names are used frequently.

Thus, the record just below is for Anna Barbara Hasselbacher of  Münchsteinach who was someone's Tochter (daughter). She died in 1792 and her record is on page 155.  The day of death is the 17th of March and she was buried on the 19th. (Causes of death even for me as a physician are virtually impenetrable at present.) Anna Barbara was one week and 2 days old. You can see her birth record on another page.

Below is Eleanora (Helena) Barbara, Peter's mother.

Below is Johann Balthasar, Peter's brother.

Below is the Drechsler Johann Georg, Peter's father.

Below is Peter's brother Johann Konrad.



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