Abstracts of Church Records from Münchsteinach


These are abstracts of marriages.  I find marriage records to be particularly helpful because they usually mention the parents names and where the couple are from.  It is often the most important identifier of where to place subsequent children found in the records, especially helpful because the same given names are used so frequently in a community.  When I approach a new set of records, I focus on marriages first. 

On the left side below the Name Haselbacher is the Vorname or given name(s) of the Bräutigam or bridegroom, his Beruf or occupation, his Wohnort or where he comes from (most often his place of birth), and the actual date and place of birth.  Below all this is the same data for the Braut, or bride.  Note that no line is given for a bride's occupation!

On the right side is the name of the parish (Pfarrei), the year and page of the book in which the record is found (Jahr & Seite), and places to record information about the parents (Eltern) of the couple. The month and day of the wedding service (Trautag) is written at the bottom of the form.

Thus, in the abstract immediately below which is that of Peter's brother Johann Balthasar who is a Drechslermeister (Master turner) and his new wife, Anna Barb[ara] Ströbel who is from Oberrossbach (one of the ancestral Hasselbacher German villages in the Aischgrund). The year is 1780 (don't confuse European ones and sevens) and the record is on page 215 (or is it 175? I would look at both!) Abbreviations for the names of the fathers is given: Johann Georg Hasselbacher, and Urban St. The service was on July 18. using the European convention of putting the day before the month.

Note that the earliest of these was only in 1780, and the last in 1826. The first three are of brothers of Peter., and the last two of his nephew Peter and niece Ursula Barbara (both children of Balthasar).



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