List of Old Hasselbacher Marriages in Diespeck:

The abstracts from the Church books of St John the Baptist in Diespeck list 12 different Hasselbacher marriages. These do not include the marriages of Hasselbacher brides which would be listed under their husband's names. (Finding them is a task for another trip.) Marriage records are particularly valuable because they are the only ones that routinely list the names and residences of both sets of parents.  It is these records that link the family histories together. One of these times we will need to see the original records as there may be other little stories imbedded.

The earliest dates below are from 1733, and the latest 1875.  Births beginning sometime after 1875 are recorded in the civil records of the town.  Birth and death records from the Diespeck church and civil sources are listed in other pages on this site..

The abstracts are written in old german script on printed forms.  English translations, clarification or comments are incorporated in the individual listings in this site's main databases or can be requested of me. There are two abstracts on each of the pages linked from individual names as that is how I obtained the originals.  The record numbers in the table below refers to a sequential number I originally assigned when the records were collected.

Peter Hasselbacher
Posted 23 Jun 2007

56 1845
Johann Konrad
Anna Barbara Kraft
57 1845
Johann Konrad
Kunigunda Barbara Gerner
58 1758
Anna Martha Probst
59 1874
Johann Stephen
Margaretha Kolb
60 1868
Johann Konrad
Maria Margaretha  Teifel
61 1875
Johann Konrad
Margaretha Ehrlinger
62 1788
Johann Georg
Anna Maria Wöhr
63 1733
Christina Bienenstein
64 1802
Anna Marg. Pfund
65 1761
Marg. Barbara Holtzberger
66 1819
Magdalena Hergott
67 1856
Friedrich Andreas
Katharina Popp