Oldest Hasselbacher Church Records
from Austria and Franconia, Germany:

I collected these records over the past three years but have not yet given them the attention they deserve. A good bit, if not most was already known to me, but it is clear as I begin to look through it now, that much is new. It will take me a long time to go through it methodically. Rather than leaving it to sit unused, I am posting it now for all to see. In fact, I need your help to organize and analyze it.  You will see that I am not even sure where some of the people fit in!

The first pages were collected at a visit to the GFF in Nürnberg: I was not fully aware of their sources. I found even more in the city archives of Neustadt an der Aisch.  Some came from the efforts of Herr Ludwig Wendel who had privileged access to the actual church books across the region, and from Herr Martin who may have had similar access. The material from Gresten appears to have been transcribed by Herr Schöberl of Gresten.  Some of the material has the fingerprints of my relative, Fritz Hasselbacher, who visited Gresten many years ago and was one of the few allowed access to the castle and church records. Some comes from the family tree of Pfarrer Georg Kuhr.  Some is still of unknown origin to me. I want very much to give proper attribution, and will do so as swiftly as I can identify the sources.   Needless to say, these records represent the work of truly expert German family historians, some of whom may be actual relatives!  Whatever the respective sources, these are the definitive records of the early Hasselbacher family of Germany.  They represent transcriptions into modern German of the difficult (if not impossible) to read church records of up to 400 years ago.

The following records use some German genealogical or even idiosyncratic abbreviations. I will post a "helper" page later. My intension is to translate and interpret what is presented for each person, and to give links to images of the actual church records, many of which I have. This will be a work in progress and I expect it will take many months. I will try to identify new material, so keep coming back, or better, contact me and tell me what you would like me to work on next!

Peter Hasselbacher
April 4, 2008. Revised 7 Nov 2009.

Name Born Born or Lived Died Place of Death Comment
Stephan Haselbacher 1570 Gresten 1641 Gresten Oldest known Hasselbacher ancestor.
Wolfg. Hasselbacher 1603 Gresten 1674 Oberroßbach Ancestor of most known modern Hasselbachers.
Andreas Hasselbacher 1607 Gresten 1675   Brother to Wolff.
Thomas Hasselbacher 1639 Gresten     Brother to Wolff.
Hans Hasselbacher 1644 Gresten 1700 Unterschweinach Father of Christoph and the Münchsteinach line.
Paul Hasselbacher 1672 Oberroßbach 1750 Stübach/ Diespeck Son of Wolff and Agatha
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Christoph Hasselbacher 1673 Unterschweinach 1730 Münchsteinach  
Paulus Hasselbacher 1700   1776 Diespeck page 2
Jhn. Georg Hasselbacher 1710   1774 Münchsteinach page 2
Jhn. Balthasar Hasselbacher 1754 Münchsteinach 1822 Münchsteinach  
Simon Hasselbacher 1776 Emskirchen 1815 Puschendorf  
Geo. Leonhard Hasselbacher 1803 Herzogaurach 1868 Puschendorf  
Adam Hasselbacher   Gresten 1667    
Jhn. Paul Hasselbacher         Burghaslach, Rehweiler. ? Placement
Johann Hasselbacher   Diespeck, Schauerheim     Son of the elder Paulus; b. 1702  page 2
Multiple names   From Dottenheim     page 2
Multiple names         LW
Multiple names          
Paul Hasselbacher         Schauerheim. Need to place.
John. Martin Hasselbacher c1734 Rimbach, Rößleinsdorf      
Paul Hasselbacher c1709 Linden, Mrk. Erlbach      
Jhn. Conrad Hasselbacher   Diespeck      
Margaretha Hasselbacher   Diespeck      
Georg Hasselbacher   Diespeck      
Jhn. Georg Hasselbacher   Diespeck      
Jhn. Georg Hasselbacher   Eschenbach      
Johann Hasselbacher   Elgersdorf      
Jhn. Adam Hasselbacher   Gunzendorf      
Simon Hasselbacher   Gunzendorf     page 2
Georg Kaspar Hasselbacher   Gunzendorf     page 2
Georg Hasselbacher   Emskirchen      
Adam Hasselbacher   Wilhelmsdorf, Gunzendorf      
Paul Hasselbacher   Stübach     A second analysis.
Various names   Pfarr. Dottenheim, Hermnsuses    

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