Charles Norris Estell, the son of William B. Estell (1856 – 1906) and Anna Norris ?Jackson (born 1855 in Wales) was an important person in my father's family. He died in 1942, 4 years before I was born but I often heard him referred to as 'Uncle Charlie.' When my father Franz and his parents Conrad and Lena Hasselbacher came to America in 1924 and 1925, it is my understanding that they first lived with Conrad's sister Barbara Hasselbacher and her first husband Charles Norris Estell. Charles had no children of his own, but he had two sisters who married and might have. I am in hopes that some descendant looking for the Estell Family of Pennsylvania and New Jersey will stumble on these pages and contact me. I have a number of documents and photographs to share.

The sister's names were Ella and Sarah. Ella Estell McFeeley was born Aug 1884 in Pennsylvania. She married a policeman, Francis McFeeley who was born about 1883 in NJ. They had a son William born about 1917.

Sarah Estell Woodhead was born June 1889 in New Jersey. She married a man named Woodhead sometime before 1942. In 1942, the couple lived in Newark

Other than his name, I knew very little about Charles save that he was a chauffeur for the President of National Biscuit Company, a fact that I can now confirm. I summarize the information I was able to unearth below. I will clean up and clarify the text and add photos and scans of the documents as I have time.

Records Available.

There are several Estell families around the Scranton Area of Penna.

There are discrepancies in the year of his birth, but this is not the first time I have seen that. His death certificate says he was 60 years, two months, and 23 days old. Calculating backwards from the death certificate, which would give us 7 Sep 1882.

In 1900 Census he was living with parents and two sisters in Newark. Age listed as 17, born August 1882. Occupation toolmaker in Silver works..

In 1910 Census is living in West Orange, NJ. Age 23, single, and a chauffer for private family. Lives with Morrisroe family who are also servints of a private family.

Marriage record from Manhattan on 4 Nov 1915 to Barbara Hasselbacher. Charles born in USA. This was his first marriage. (I suspect that the marriage was a secret one from employeers. Certainly in 1917, Charles mentions a wife in WWI Draft registration.

In June 1917 at WWI registration, is called Charles Norris Estell, date of birth Aug 8, 1886 in Hazleton, PA is listed. Has dependants of mother, wife, and sister in Llewelyn Park, West Orange New Jersey. Working for a William R. Howe of Lewelyn Park West Orange as chauffeur. [William Read Howe. Mr. Howe was a prominent attorney in West Orange. I have a cocktail shaker with a map of a road trip to Main and Canada with the initials WRH on the cap.]

However, the 1920 Census has him living in home of Brother-in-law Francis McFeeley at 45 Fifth St in Newark. He is 37 and listed as a Widower. Sister Sarah also living in that home with other sister Ella McFeeley and her son William. Charles is a chauffer for a biscuit company. Barbara is not listed. Error? Secretly married?

In 1930, is living with Barbara at 63 Personette Ave, in Verona Borough of Essex County. Charles H. listed as 48 and 35 at marriage but this is probably wrong. He and his father were born Pennsylvania, mother in Wales, England. Working as a chauffeur for a private family. (Probably Roy E. Tomlinson of the National Biscuit Co.) Barbara is 38 and was 25 at her marriage. She immigrated in 1912. Her age at marriage is in agreement with marriage certificate from Manhattan. This address is 12 miles from the James St address of Lena and Conrad. Barbara has no occupation listed.

In 1940 Census, Charles and barbara were caretakers at the homw in N. Chatham. In 1935 they were still living in East Orange. Age listed as 57.

WWII Draft registration in 1942: Clears up date of birth in Aug 8, 1882 in Hazelton, PA. Living Old Harbor Rd. in N. Chatham. Employer R.E. Tomlinson. Address was Box 304 Chatham Mass. Died shortly after registration.

Obituary names Charles N. Estell.
Buried in Seaside Cemetery in Chatham. Lot #329
Name appears to be Charles Norris. Had 2 sisters Ella McFeel and Sarah Woodhead both of Newark. Charles was a Mason in Orange, NJ.

In July, 2010 I visited Chatham Massachusetts and located the grave of Charles. The kind people in the cemetery office also obtained a death certificate for me. It was a single grave in a multi-plot section. Four small corner bushes have vastly overgrown making it impossible to see the stone from the road. Gravestone gives dates as 1882-1942.

The death certificate from Chatham listed Charles Norris Estell who died October 31, 1942. He was said to have chronic myocarditis for two years and chronic nephritis for six months. The doctor had only known him five months. He was married to Barbara Hasselbacher who was 51. No specific date of birth was given but Charles was said to be 60 years, two months, and 23 days old. His occupation was caretaker and the address given for him was in North Chatham. The Social Security number was 136-10-5790. His birthplace was Hazleton Pennsylvania and his father was William B. Estelle who was born in Jeanesville Pennsylvania. His mother's maiden name was Anna Norris and she was born in Wales, England. The informant was his wife.

Addendum. The Chatham Historical Society came to my aid. Charles worked for Roy E. Tomlinson who owned the house in North Chatham. On this trip I was unable to locate the estate on which he lived from the pictures I had, but I was looking in Chatham, not North Chatham.

There is a long series of entries in the directories of Newark and surrounding towns in NJ.
1911 45 5th St in Newark living with Widowed mother.
1912- same but charles removed to Main.
1914- 16 Chauffeur to W.R. Howe of west Orange where he boarded.

1923 in 40 Olive St. a Chauffeur in Bloomfield
1924 in 18 Williamson Ave. (This is where my father first lived.)
1929 still on Williamson AVe.
1930 ? a salesman 204 Ampere Pkwy in Bloomfield. ? same person
1931- 1932 Chauffeur 63 Personette Ave in Verona. 1930 census places them there too.