Elizabeth Hasselbacher

from Diedelsheim to New York in 1851.

As I put together a discussion of the emigration of Elizabeth Hasselbacher of Diespeck, I rediscovered something in my computer files I had forgotten. (I do not remember if someone sent it to me, or if I found it myself.) It is a transcription of the passenger list of the Bark Bessel that sailed from Bremen, Germany to New York City, landing April 18, 1851. One of the passengers was 31-year-old Elizabeth Hasselbacher who was a steerage passenger from Diedelsheim. Her calculated year of birth would have been 1819. She brought one basket of goods. I have absolutely no idea what became of this Elizabeth.

There is a current town of Diedelsheim in Germany. It lies a little south of Heidelberg and abut 150 km west of Dinkelsbühl. Of course, these old records being what they are, there could have been an error of alliteration. It goes without saying that anyone with knowledge about this Elizabeth, or other Hasselbacher immigrants is encouraged to contact us.

Peter Hasselbacher,
October 18, 2007


A section of the transcription from the old German is presented below.

Immigrant Ships
Transcribers Guild
Bark Bessel
Bremen, Germany to New York, New York
18 April 1851

I, H. Haesloop, do solemnly, sincerely and truly Swear
that the following List or Manifest of Passengers,
subscribed with my name, and now delivered by me to
the Collector of the Customs for the District of New
York, contains, to the best of my knowledge and
belief, a just and true account of all the Passengers
received on board the Bremen Bark Bessel whereof I am
Master, from Bremen.
So help me God.
H. Haesloop
Sworn to this 18th April, 1851.
Before me, (signature could not be read)

List of Manifest Of ALL THE PASSENGERS taken on board
the Bremen Bark Bessel, whereof H. Haesloop is Master,
from Bremen burden, 650 tons.

Columns represent: Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, the
country to which they severally belong, the country to
which they intend to become inhabitants, died on the

Cabin Passengers.
  1  J. A.            Runge            32y      Male   Merchant          Bremen             NewYork        two trunks
  2  C.               von der Weltern  24y      female                   Braunschweig       New York       two baskets & one cask
  3  C. B.            Richard          34y      Male   Merchant          New York           New York       one trunk,onecarpet bag

Steerage Passengers
  4  Elias            Brandenstein     41y      Male   Merchant          Grabenstein        New York       (three cases
  5  Lerline          Brandenstein     36y      female                   Grabenstein        New York       (
  6* Jettchen         Brandenstein     19y      female                   Grabenstein        New York       (
 15  Heinrich         feistleukler     27y      Male   farmer            Krentzholaum       Dubuque, I     (one case & two bags
 16  Elisabeth        feistuler        27y      female                   Krentzholaum       Dubuque,I      (
 17  Bessel           feistuler                 Male                                        Dubuque, I     born on the voyage & died
 83  Elisabeth        Hasselbacher     32y      female                   Diedelsheim        New York       one basket
 84  Christine        Wagner           27y      female                   Niefern            New York       one basket
 85* Bertha           Klump            20y      female                   Kappelrod?         New York       one basket
 86  Caroline         Kunstler         22y      female                   Ethenheim          New York       one basket
 87  Caroline         Harber           19y      female                   Bilfingen          New York       one basket
 88  Catharine        Wolf             27y      female                   Heidelberg         New York       one basket
 89  Christine        Brehm            27y      female                   Ellingshausen      New York       one case
 90  Anna Eliseb.     Wenteroth        21y      female                   Remsfeld           New York       one case
 91  Wilhelm          Roth             16y      Male   Laborer           Remsfeld           New York       (three cases
 92  Elisabeth        Roth             20y      female                   Eisenach           New York       (four cases
223  Diedrich         Nesslage         12y      Male   farmer            Klein Mimmelage    New York       one case
224  Johannes         Pletsch          23y      Male   Weaver            Nickelsberge       New York       one case
225* Joh. Heinr.      Nesslage         19y      Male   Laborer           Natrop             New York       one case
15-17   Passengers are probably one family; last name could have been
         misspelled for either psgr 15 or psgrs 16-17.
 17      Age omitted as this psgr was born and died on the voyage as per the
         note in the final column


I Henry Haesloop Master of the Bremen Bark Bessel do solemnly sincerely and
truly swear that according to the best of my knowledge and belief that the
two passengers entered on my Manifest as being of the age of One Year are
erroneous by so entered and are less than One Year of Age and ought to have
been so entered.
So Help me God.
(signed) H. Haesloop