Sonleiten Farm in Schadneramt, Gresten-Land

The Sonleiten Farm still contains a substantial dwelling and apparently working farm. In 1845 it appears to have been on the south side of the main Gresten-Ybbsitz road, but today it is on the north side of Route 22. I have seen more than one spelling of Sonnleithen, so bear with me until clarification is available. I will probably use all of them! As is true of all the farms and houses I will show, there is no one named Haselbacher living today in the area. There may be relatives with other names in the Gresten area who are as yet unidentified.

Here is a photograph provided to me by Annemarie Hasselbacher of the Sonleiten house and its inhabitants from the ?1930s. There is little doubt that the structures seen today on this and the other farmsteads have been extensively reworked over the centuries.












Below is a view from above Sonleiten looking south. Route 22 is hidden by the farmhouses. What you see is the very crest of the

There is a small chapel dated 1899 associated with the property. There are a number of such chapels and shrines in the area. I do not yet understand their use and significance.

Peter Hasselbacher
25 June 2008