Hazelbaker Family History from Washington Co. Pennsylvania

The Hazelbaker historian and contributor to this site, Jill Foley, collected this wonderful resource from the Citizen's Library in Washington, PA.  It was prepared by members of a local church to which some Hazelbakers attended.  It is particularly rich in lore about George Hazelbaker, one of Peter's sons. In fact, Jill sent us the Will of George Hazelbaker!

It contains a version of the family history discussed by Jill from the 'Sketch" of L.B. Kinne.  Jill and Greg Humphrey have been trying to find more about Mr. Kinne and have been successful (more about that later!).  The present document is of particular interest in this regard because it confirms that Kinne was a Hazelbaker relation by marriage. He married a Great Granddaughter of Peter.  As shown on p. 3 of the pdf document (p. 132 of the original), he married  the daughter of Mary Hazelbaker Cooper. (The name "Kime" is Kinne misspelled.)

I understand that there are some possible errors and misinterpretations in this material, but that is the nature of the genealogy game and why there is still work for us contemporaries.

Also in the document is a survey of the Church Cemetery containing some Hazelbakers.

Download the PDF document here. (14 pages 2.7 MB)

Peter Hasselbacher
Oct 31, 2007

Mar 30, 2010  Addendum: While browsing in Ancestry.com, I found this newspaper article describing the life of Ella Hazelbaker, Great-granddaughter of Peter Hazelbaker.  Ella lived her entire long life in Washington County. (The text of the article had already been incorporated in to the notes of Jack White's database on this website.)  Of interest is an alternate version of the story of how Peter died. Rather than poor doctoring, the drunk doctor did not come at all. "Family Historical Documents" are described.  What are these?  Does anyone have more of them?