Registration for the Interactive Family Trees.

Up to now, I have not required registration to use the Interactive Family Trees.  However, I now believe it is in our best interest to do so.  I am pleased with the server-based software package I use to run the database.  It is continually updated to thwart potential vulnerabilities, but the fact it has to do that says something about our world.  I want you to be maximally confident that I am protecting your privacy.  Additionally, I do not want to allow others to use our information for commercial purposes.  Therefore, as discussed earlier, I have presented the family tree in two separate iterations: a public one and a private family one.

I believe this approach will give us more security as a family and protect us from unauthorized use of our data.  Please note, that registration is necessary only for the private version of the Family Tree Database.  The Public Version and all other pages on this extensive website, including the "Family Blog and Information" function remains fully available to all and searchable by Google or other search engines. (If I make a change in the text, it shows up in Google within a few hours.)

I promise that I will never share your email address without your permission. There have been times when I am contacted by people looking for relatives.  If I have an idea that someone might be helpful, I have acted as an intermediate without identifying the individual and only after obtaining their express consent. Frankly, I have never found anyone not eager to help another.  That is what family historians are all about.  Having your contact information also allows me to notify you of an event or other information that I think you would appreciate.  For example, I sent an email to the Hazelbakers I know making sure they are aware of the special family reunion last summer.  If someone makes a special find, such as Craig Hazelbaker did in finding Peter Hazelbaker’s grave, I might send that information out as well.   Your contact information is not available in any public area of the website and no one else has administrator privileges to see it. I am a physician and accustomed to protecting peoples privacy.  If for any reason you would want me to remove any contact information from the registration portion of this site or my personal files at home, I will.  No one has yet asked me to do so.

Registration for the Hasselbacher Blog:

The blog component of this site had not had the activity that I had hoped for.  I am open to suggestions about how to make it more useful! Previously I required registration to add a comment but with excellent anti-spam capabilities of WordPress, I have dropped that requirement.   For the time being, you may read and comment without registration.  I am trying to use the blog more often.  It makes it easier for me to high lite or summarize new information.  Please check it regularly.

You can comment or suggest new entries of your own and I encourage that.  The Blog registration is separate from the one for the Family Trees described above, but you can enter the same username and password if you wish. If you have trouble remembering your login information, there are built-in ways to recover it, or you can contact me in the usual way.  Let me know if this is not working the way I have described.  If you want to blog something more substantial, or prepare something for the website proper, do contact me and I will help.