Georg Haßelbacher

Born 22 June 1795 in Diespeck Germany

Georg is not a direct ancestor of mine but is my 5th Great Uncle.  However, he lived a long life, fathered a large family, and there is a fair amount of information about him.  At least three of his 9 children immigrated to America.

We have his death record of 1866 and marriage record to Magdalena Hergott in 1819.  There are also some civil records available.

(Seite 30)
Montag des 22 Junius
25./ Georg, des Johann Georg Hasel-
bacher, Baures und Einwohners , und seiner
frauen: Anna Maria, **** geboren **** ***. Sohnl.
früh um 6 Uhr geboren Se* die getauft; Tafpatent ist
Mstr Georg Döllfell, Globenmüller dahier.
+1866 3. Novbr.

(Page 30)
Monday the 22d June
#25. Georg, [son of] Johann Georg Hase-
lbacher, farmer and inhabitant here, and his
wife, Anna Maria, ??? born ?here ??? little son
early at 6 hours born ??? the baptism. Godparent
Master Georg Döllfoll, Globenmiller here.
Died 3 November 1866

The image below shows the year and page from which this baptismal record was taken. The glare is the result of the plastic laminate used to protect these old pages.


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