Magdalena Hergott Haßelbacher

Died 10 Sept 1875 in Diespeck, Germany

Magdalena was the wife of Georg Hasselbacher, my 5G Uncle.  This death record and her marriage record to Georg are the only ones of her primary documents I have in hand at present.  She is important to the family in general because three of her 9 children came to America. This death record is particularly important because it summarizes an otherwise difficult to understand marriage record, and adds additional information in a relatively more expansive notes section.

Diespeck 1875, Seite XXX
Diesp. 13.
Magdalena Hasselbacher geb. Hergott

Ehefrau, res*. Wittwe das Georg Hasselbacher, Büttner Meisters zu Diespeck.  (Died 3 Nov 1866) zuletzt Almofen [Almosen]-Empfängerin. Evang. luth. Conf

Diespeck No. 116 |:Gemeinde Haus.:|


Entkräftung. 6 Woche kr. #[Hatte ein Paar Monate vor ihrem Tode **** Versuch gemacht, im Aischflusse sich zu ertranken!]

Freitag, zehnten September, fünf eins. 10 Sept. 1875

Sontag XVI p. Trin, Zwölften September, Mittags zwölf zu Diespeck

circa 82 Jahre.


Geb[orn]: Anno. 1793 zu Neustadt (illeg.), |: Stief-Tochter des Johann Priess, Melbermeisters zu Diespeck.:| Cop[ularet]: 28 Juni 1819 zu Diespeck. Kinder 9,- davon 8 p.t. lebend.; War im den letzten Jahren ganz verarmt! Einsegnung

Diespeck Record #13 in book. [? for month or year]
Magdalena Hasselbacher, born Hergott

Wife, *** Widow of Georg Hasselbacher, Barrel Maker Master of Diespeck (who himself died 3 Nov. 1866); Most recently an alms-beneficiary. Evangelish Lutheran confession.

Living Diespeck House number 116. (Community House)


Died of enfeeblement/ starvation/ prostration 6 weeks kr.; A few months before her death ** she made an attempt in the Aisch River herself to drown.

Died Friday tenth September five one [?time]. 10th Sept 1875

Burial Sunday XVI Trinity, twelfth Sept. Midday noon in Diespeck.

Age about 82 years.

Pastor ?Saöbert

[Important Notes] Born in 1793 in Neustadt of unmarried parents [illegitimate]. Was stepdaughter of Johann Preiss who was a flour merchant master in Diespeck. Married 28 June 1819 in Diespeck. Had 9 children 8 of whom are alive.; Was in the last years totally impoverished. A benediction was said..



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