Family Register # 170 Old Series (1619-1807), Unterreichenbach

This is the family register of the Paternal Grandparents of our American William Ecker. [Refer to Folio 43 for more detailed description of the structure of the Family Register pages.]  The father of the family is Johannes Ecker, Born 1 Jan 1773 and who dies 18 Jun 1833.  He is a maltmiller In Unterreichenbach.  He was married in 16 Aug 1798 to Gottlieben who was born on 24 Mar 1787 and died 18 Feb 1844.  The name of her birthplace was a struggle, but her father's home below makes it possible to identify Höten (a small town on the map and near Calmbach.)

Johannes' father is also Johannes Ecker, a müller here, and his mother is Anna Barbara, geb. Müller and who was born in Calmbach. The parents of Gottliebin are Abraham Kraut? from Höten (I can't yet read his occupation) and Christina Barbara, geb Müller. 

The names of the other children might be: 1. Philipp Jakob; 2. Johannes; 3. Regina Katharina; 4. Greek to me; 5. Gottlieb Friedrich; and 7. Christian. [Please feel free to correct my translations here or elsewhere. eMail me.]

Child No. 6 is the father of Abraham Wilhelm and the 'Housefather' of Folio 43. Note that the dates of birth marriage and death agree completely.

Peter Hasselbacher
Oct 19, 2007, revised Nov 11.