Family Register # 82 Old Series (1619-1807), Unterreichenbach

This is the family register of the Paternal Great Great Grandparents of our American William Ecker. [Refer to Folio 43 for more detailed description of the structure of the Family Register pages.]  The father of the family is Jakob Ecker. He is born 26 Jul 1720 (birth record here) and dies 6 Aug 1770.  Like his son and grandson, He is a maltmiller by occupation. He was married (marriage record here) in 1748 on the 3d day of an unclear month to Maria Katharina who appears to have been born 1 Jan 1728 and who dies 14 Aprl 1771 at age 43 years, 3 months, and 2 days.

Jakob is described as the oldest son of Hans Georg Ecker, maltmuller, and Anna Barbara Straub of nearby Eutingen. Maria Katharina is described as the daughter of Johann Georg Kohler spelled with a 'K' and Maria whose birth name and village I have not yet determined.

Child No. 1 is the Great Grandfather of Abraham Wilhelm and the 'Housefather' of Folio 114. The dates fit.

The names of the other children are: 2. Elisabetha; 3. Jakob; 4. Johann Georg; 5. Johann Michael; 6. Johann Michael again;7. Margaretha Barbara; 8. Katharina; 9. Magdalin*; 10. Christop*; 11. Maria Agnes; and what appears to be Andreas.

Peter Hasselbacher
Oct 19, 2007. revised Nov 9.