Family Register # LV Old Series (1619-1807), Unterreichenbach

This is the family register of the Paternal Great Great Great Grandparents of our American William Ecker. [Refer to Folio 43 for more detailed description of the structure of the Family Register pages.]  The father of the family is Hans Georg Ecker, a maltmüller from hier (Unterreichenbach). He is born 14 Apr 1694 and dies 21 Dec 1758 at the age of 64 years 8 months and 10 days. The village of birth is Hallwangen. [There is a modern village of Hallwangen in Würtemberg about 60 km SW of Unterreichenbach!] He was married in what appears to be 23 Oct 1719 but I do not understand all the cross-outs.  His wife is Anna Barbara Straub. She appears to be from the village of Eutingen amt Pforzheim. (This is very near Unterreichenbach and speaks to a marriage after Hans Georg moved north.)  There is other writing and references to sources that I do not understand.  She dies 22 July 1764 at the age of 67 years 3 months and 2 days.  That gives a calculated birthday of 22 Apr 1697.

The father of Hans Georg is a müller named Martin Eckher, spelled with an 'h' and a village is given that again is Hallwangen!  Martin's wife is Magdalena. I do not understand the significance of the date in the 1800s. Hans Georg Ecker is the first Ecker in Unterreichenbach.  Anna Barbara's father is Johann Straub. He is a citizen of Eudingen. Clearly there is important information on this page with the potential to take us back even further in time.

Child No. 1 is Jakob, the Great Great Grandfather of Abraham Wilhelm and the 'Housefather' of Folio 82. The dates fit.

The names of the other children appear to be: 2. Michael; 3. Johann Martin; 4. Dorothey; 5. Magdalena; 6. Johann Georg; 7. ?Andras; 8. Barbara; 9. ?Salomn; 10. Johann Georg; 11. Johannes; 12. Christoph; and 13. Ludwig.

Peter Hasselbacher
Oct 19, 2007. Revised Dec 2.