Hazelbaker Family Trees

Hazelbaker Family Tree
of Jack White

The Hazelbaker descendant and long-time family historian, Mr. Jack White, has allowed me to place his extensive family tree on this website.  I believe this is the largest Hazelbaker family tree available on the internet. It is remarkable not only for its size, but the wonderful little stories attached in its notes. I am truly indebted to Mr. White for his generosity to our greater family.  Such sharing is one of the goals of this website and I hope this will be the first of many more.

The paternal portion of a his family tree is now posted as a separate Interactive Family Tree.

We both know that this list is not complete.  We encourage you to look at the parts you know best and offer your corrections, additions, and stories.  We both encourage you to contact us through the 'Contact Me" buttons on this site.

Jack also had a list of Missing Hazelbakers who he has been unable to place in families known to him.  It is posted here in the hopes that one of you may recognize a Hazelbaker from the past and get in touch with us.