There are now two versions of the extensive Family Trees:

Public Version  (Deactivated 9-18-19)
     This version includes thousands of individuals and does not require registration.  However, it contains only names, dates, and places.  The names of the living are not given– they are referenced only by the designation "living," and their sex.  There are no notes nor sources presented for any individual, living or dead.

Family Version   (Deactivated 9-18-19)
     This comprehensive version is identical to the Public Version and containins all non-confidential and non-sensitive information.  In addition, extensive notes and sources are presented.  For individuals who are or might be living, only their name and sex is listed without other information (such as dates or places). 

     Access to the Family Version of the Hasselbacher genealogy is limited to descendants and close relations of the greater Hasselbacher or Hazelbaker families.  Select the menu item, "Register for a New User Account" on the home page of the Family Tree Database or here.  Enter all the requested information.  To see this information you need to have some skin in the game.  Your request for a password must be accompanied by details of your relationship to the family or it will be ignored.  You may also use the "Contact Me" link to provide this information or supporting documents.  I would expect this to include as a mimimum, your family names, marriages, dates, and places.  The Family Tree is only as good as the information entered or edited by us all.  I do not think it is fair to take a free ride.  Registration is neither automated nor automatic and may take a few days.  I will reply to the eMail you use. 

If you are uncertain of your relationship, wish information about more distant relations, need clarification, or otherwise wish to discuss specific information, e-mail me first.  

Let me know if there are problems with either of these Family Trees, or if they are not preforming as I indicate. (I am still tweaking them.)


More About Registration.

I used the occasion of the domain migration from .us to .org to substantially expand the two principal family trees in the data section of this site.  The Hasselbacher Tree was my first and contains all the Hasselbachers of Franconia in Germany and their descendants in America (including their maternal lines).  For the time being, I will maintain the separate Hazelbaker Tree provided to me by Jack White.  This contains the American descendants and maternal lines of Peter Hasselbacher from Franconia who had his name Americanized after coming to America during our Revolutionary war.  As far as I am aware, all Hazelbakers in the world are his descendants.  A few of of the older Peter’s German and Austrian ancestors are listed in the Hazelbaker tree, but for them, I recommend finding Peter in the Hasselbacher Tree and working backwards. I developed that information from primary sources and it is both more accurate and complete.  To my knowledge my Hasselbacher tree is the most comprehensive and authoritative in existence. You can search either tree, or both simultaneously.

Basic Instructions to Get Started. [I need to fix this.]

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Why Two (or More) Trees?

Technical Information about the Site.

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April 6, 2009. Edited 12 Dec 2009; 27 Apr 2010; 2Aug2011