Comparison of Several Additional Sources of Hazelbaker Family History.
by Greg Humphrey

As we hoped would happen, our recent publication of the evaluation of selected sources of Hazelbaker family history by Jill Foley prompted an additional contribution by Hazelbaker historian, Greg Humphrey.   Greg prepared a side-by-side comparison of several traditional sources of local history of Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Greg's table was last updated 11-2-2007 and now also contains several internal links to additional sources.

In the horizontal rows are listed major events or people in the life of the Peter who came to America in the 1770s. In the six columns are the relevant extracts from the letter by L.B. Kinne, 4 other sources, and comments by Greg.    Greg has also given us internet links to on-line versions of the major texts. I extracted the relevant pages from the books into PDF documents for our personal family use.  Those sources are listed below.

Greg’s comments include very helpful correlations with available US Census reports. I am very grateful to Greg for his contribution to this website and to the Hazelbaker family. If you would like to communicate with him about Hazelbaker history, he is available here.

Peter Hasselbacher
Oct 21, 2007

Addendum 11-7-07:
Greg subsequently found definitive information about the identity of L.B. Kinne and his relationship to the Hazelbaker family. Kinne was in a position to have heard authentic oral family history.  Kinne's marital relationship is also confirmed in a family history prepared independently and archived in the library of Washington Co, Pennsylvania.

Letter to Hazelbaker descendants by L.B. Kinne. (Available on this site.)
History of Washington County, Pennsylvania : with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men / edited by Boyd Crumrine. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts and Co., 1882 (pdf 365 KB)
The Old and New Monongahela / by John S. Van Voorhis.
Van Voorhis, John S. (John Stodgell), 1823.
Pittsburg : Nicholson, printer, 1893: (pdf 351 KB)
History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania : with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men / edited by Franklin Ellis.
Philadelphia : L.H. Everts & Co., 1882  (pdf 227 KB)
Ralph Smith
Beer’s Biographical Record of Washington County Pennsylvania 1893:
Biographical Sketch of L.B. Kinne: From Compendium of American Genealogy.