List of Old Hasselbacher Births in Diespeck: 1759 to 1868

These 55 names were abstracted from the Church-books of St John the Baptist Church in Diespeck in the late 19th or early 20th centuries and are kept in the church office.  I am unaware of the actual span of dates abstracted, but to my knowledge these represent all the Hasselbacher babies born and recorded in the baptismal records of the church.  The date of birth and baptism are both recorded in the abstracts. Additional information recorded includes the parents names (when known), the occupation of the father, and places of dwelling. Additional comments related to paternity and other facts are included.  On some of the abstracts, a cross symbol indicates the date of death. Here is what a sample annotated birth record looks like.

The earliest dates below are from 1759, and the latest 1868.  Births beginning sometime after 1868 were recorded in the civil records of the town.  I have some of those and will add them later.  I also have marriage and death records from Diespeck church and civil sources and will add them as well.

The abstracts are written in old german script on printed forms.  English translations, clarification or comments are provided in the individual listings in this site's main databases or can be requested of me. There are three abstracts on each of the pages linked from individual names as that is how I obtained the originals.  The record numbers in the table below refers to a number I originally assigned and represent the alphabetical order of the first names of the children.

Peter Hasselbacher
Posted 23 Jun 2007.  (Additional original records added later)

Birth date
First Name
Other Information
1 2/10/1868 anon. unknown Maria Hasselbacher
2 3/29/1865 Andreas Freidrich Georg Oder Maria Hasselbacher
3 11/26/1850 Andreas Freidrich unknown Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
4 5/25/1830 Andreas Freidrich Georg H. Maria Magdalena (Herrgott)
5 10/22/1827 Anna Barbara Georg H. Maria Magdalena (Herrgott)
6 2/7/1857 Anna Katharina Andreas Freidrich H. Katharina (Popp)
7 8/31/1763 Anna Katharina Elisabetha Georg H. Margareta Barbara (Holtzberger)
8 4/1/1866 Anna Margareta Andreas Freidrich H. Katharina (Popp)
9 5/18/1819 Anna Margaretha George H. (alleged) Magdalena (Herrgott)
10 8/19/1843 Anna Maria unknown Anna Margaretha
11 9/17/1820 Anna Maria Georg H. Maria Magdalena
12 5/1/1862 Barbara unknown Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
13 6/25/1823 Barbara Georg H. Magdalena (Herrgott)
14 3/1/1776 Dorothea Georg H. Margareta Barbara (Holtzer)
15 9/24/1834 Elisabetha Georg H. Maria Magdalena (Herrgott)
16 4/8/1825 Elisabetha Georg H. Maria Magdalena (Herrgott)
17 2/18/1855 Eva Margareta Johann Konrad H. Anna Barbara (Kraft)
18 2/29/1852 Georg unknown Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
19 6/22/1795 Georg Johann Georg H. Anna Maria (Wehr)
20 12/1/1801 Georg Paulus Fredrich Schoor (alleged) Margareta Hasselbacher
21 7/16/1863 Heinrich (a twin) unknown Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
22 12/22/1868 Johann Johann Konrad H. Maria Margareta (Teifel)
23 12/6/1848 Johann Johann Konrad H. Anna Barbara (Kraft)
24 11/30/1779 Johann Goerg H. Margareta Barbara (Holtzberger)
25 11/26/1817 Johann Friedrich Georg Adam H. Dorothea Weinmann
26 8/22/1863 Johann Georg Andreas Friedrich H. Katharina (Popp) Actual record & comments.
27 6/20/1820 Johann Georg not listed Dorothea (Weinmann)
28 4/19/1766 Johanan Georg Georg H. Margareta Barbara (Holtzberger)
29 8/8/1849 Johann Heinrich unknown Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
30 9/12/1759 Johann Kaspar Georg H. Anna Sophia (Wohr) Actual record & comments.
31 3/23/1859 Johann Konrad Andreas Friedrich H. Katharina (Popp)
32 6/21/1854 Johann Konrad unknown Margareta Barbara Hasselbacher
33 1/24/1842 Johann Konrad Johann Konrad Anna Barbara (Kraft)
34 10/16/1837 Johann Konrad Johann Georg Magdalena (Herrgott)
35 7/26/1822 Johann Konrad & Barbara none listed Margareta Barbara Hasselbacher
36 4/13/1817 Johann Konrad none listed Katharina Margareta Hasselbacher
37 3/14/1802 Johann Konrad Johann Georg Anna Maria (Wehr or Wöhr)
38 9/30/1759 Johann Konrad Albrecht Johann Lorenz Holtzberger Maria Hasselbacher
39 10/12/1791 Johann Simon Johann Georg not listed Actual record & comments.
40 10/15/1851 Johann Stephan Friedrich H. of Wilmersbach Anna Margareta Hasselbacher
41 9/27/1788 Katharina Margareta Johann Georg Anna Maria (Wehr) Actual record & comments.
42 9/27/1768 Katharina Margareta Georg H. Margareta Barbara (Holtzberger)
43 10/13/1763 Katharina Margareta Elizabeth Schmack (allegßed) Maria Hasselbacher (single)
44 4/12/1870 Kunigunde Andreas Friedrich Katharina (Popp)
45 7/16/1863 Margareta (a twin) unknown Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
46 10/8/1855 Margareta Andreas Hopperditzel Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
47 8/11/1832 Margareta Barbara Goerg H. Maria Magdalena (Herrgott)
48 5/8/1798 Margareta Barbara Johann Georg H. Anna Maria (Wehr)
49 8/18/1846 Maria Barbara Johann Konrad H. Anna Barbara (Kraft)
50 10/22/1827 Maria Barbara Georg H. Maria Magdalena (Herrgott)
51 6/20/1861 Maria Katharina Andreas Friedrich H. Katharina (Popp)
52 2/26/1854 Martin Johann Ernst Wehr Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
53 8/15/1838 Martin unknown Anna Margareta Hasselbacher
54 11/9/1864 Ottilie Johanna Margareta Paul Leihkauf Maria Barbara Hasselbacher
55 4/24/1851 Susanna Johann Konrad H. Anna Barbara (Kraft)