Information about Individual Family Lines


Austria, Hasselbachers of Gresten

Most of us.

California, Haselbachers of Oakland

Came from Dinkelsbühl.

Cincinnati, Hasselbachers and Hasselbachs

From Diespeck and Mühlhausen.

Diespeck Germany, Hasselbachers of [Under construction]

Sent emigrants to NJ, OH, NE.

Franconia (Franken), Hasselbachers of

Virtually all from here.

Jo Davies County, Illinois

The first Hasselbachers in Illinois. Where from?


The stonemason John Haselbacher inAdrian.

Mühlhausen Hasselbachers of

The weaver Andre. and family immigrate in 1848.

Münchsteinach, Hasselbachers and Hazelbakers of

Largest American family line.

Munich (München), Haselbacher of


Nebraska, Hasselbachers of

To Red Cloud, NE.

Newark, Hasselbachers of Hesselbachers of

The butcher Alexander and wife Anna.

New York City, Hasselbachers and Hasselbachs of 1800s.

The tailor Wolfgang, wife Rosa and children Barbara, Fred, Elisabeth, and Jacob. Hasselbach families.

Nürnberg & New Jersey, Hasselbachers of

My immediate family line.

Peoria and Illinois, Hasselbachers of

Second largest American family line.

Vestenbergsgreuth, Hasselbachers of

Jewish Hasselbacher Family. Three members found. Two come to America.



To be better defined:




New York City