Herr Martin continues with more of the history of Rehweiler. At the end of the page he states that the owner/leader of the area was a godson of Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf. [I do not know, but suspect, that the Count is a member of the same Zinzendorf family of Austria. There was a Count Zinzendorf who was a leader in the Protestant reform movement that was active in the region. This was an effort to reform the Lutheran church.   We will come to see that this may have been a place of refuge for like-minded Christians.] Part of the development of Rehweiler was to replace the mill.

In the last paragraph, Herr Martin also makes a Zinzendorf connection between Rehweiler and Gresten. Additionally he reports a church book entry of the death of the miller John Paul Hasselbacher 5 Sep 1764 who was baptized in Stübach 26 Nov 1706.  The parents were Paul Hasselbacher and Barbara Schweiker.  With the help of the work by Pfarrer Kuhr and Louis Wendel, Herr Martin was able to make the Hasselbacher family connection.  [Paul of Stübach is my 8G Grandfather, and Johann Paul my  Half-8G Uncle. PH]

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