On these last two pages, Herr Martin summarizes information about his direct ancestral Hasselbacher line working backwards from Anna Maria.  His line intersects with mine in the person of Paulus Hasselbacher of Stübach.  The story of Paulus and the difficulties he and his family had because of his separatism is a rich and historic one.  I will have much more to say about this in the near future.

Because Herr Martin identified the same sources that I did, except for the first three individuals, I think I have already added all the details to the database of the website. Look elsewhere in this site for the entries in the Wendell Archive for these same people.

German genealogical symbols:
* = birth
∞ = marriage
~~ = baptism
box = burial

33. Anna Maria was the Great Granddaughter of Paulus. She was born in Ansbach in 1787.  Her godmother was Anna Maria Bacher. She married Conrad Martin in Ansbach in 1810.

66.  Johann Adam was the Grandson of Paulus.  He was born in Rehweiler in 1751 and married in Ansbach to Regina Franz in 1786.  We do not know when he came to Ansbach.  This point is of interest in that Peter Hasselbacher/ Hazelbaker was conscripted in 1777 in Münchsteinach or perhaps Ansbach.

132.  Johann Paul is the son of Paulus and was born in Stübach in 1706. His godfather Johann Rausch was an Exulanten who lived in Unterschweinach where Paulus's father lived for most of his life in Germany.  He was a miller first in Burghaslach, and then in Rehweiler. Johann Paul was married twice: in 1731, and in 1760. He died in 1764 in Rehweiler.

264. Paulus.  For now, see the entry in the Wendell Archive and on the family tree.


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