This is a copy from a publication of the Gesellschaft für Familienforschung in Franken e.V. (GFF) in Nürnberg. It was given to me by my new friends there at a first visit in 2006. At that time, the article's principal value to me was the genealogical information at the end about several Hasselbachers. I was still shaky about who the main players were, and had no idea why Wolfgang Martin was interested in my family.  I put the article on the back burner.  Five years later I am in a marginally better position to learn and the lessons are most interesting indeed!

I have not translated the entire article yet– just the parts that relate to my own 8G Grandfather Paulus Hasselbacher or other Hasselbacher family members.  I will translate the latter in as much detail as I can, and give the gist of the rest.

If one of you readers can improve on my efforts, I will be greatful.

The name of the publication is: "Pages of Franconian Family Tidings."

Peter Hasselbacher


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