Frederick Hasselbach, Grocer of New York City

It took less than two months for a desendant of one of the peripheral names listed in a Hasselbachers of New York page to find it and contact us! I am very grateful. This is, of course, one of the major reasons I began this site.  I place below the information this person sent to me.  If any of these names belong to any of you out there, please help us flesh out the family line.

As far as is known, the spelling of the name has always been Hasselbach.  I am particularly interested if anyone knows more about the European roots of the family. Weisbaden is not all that far from Bavaria.
Peter H.


Contributed by a Hasselbach Descendant.

Peter -

My great-grandfather was Frederick Hasselbach, born in Germany in 1846. He lived in New York City in the late 1800's then moved to Bayonne NJ before 1910. He died in Bayonne in June 1925. His death certificate lists his parents as Richard Hasselbach and Dorothy Hess.

He was definitely the grocer you found in 1892 at 103 east 102d street. The japanner address in 1891 is suspiciously similar, but my great-grandfather is always listed as a grocer's clerk or grocer in 1870, 1880, 1900, and 1905, so the japanner may be a different person.
[I agree. A Japanner applied a special finish to metals to protect or insulate them, insulate, or perhaps for decoration. PH]

I've never heard of the family name being "Hasselbacher". Some relatives used to mention "Von Hassel" as a possibility but others made fun of that as unlikely and pretentious.
[We "Hassel-somethings" were named from where (von) we came from, so who knows! PH ]

1870 US census, New York City, living with Klinker family
Fred Hasselbach, 24, Grocer's clerk, b. Weisbaden.

1880 US census, New York City, Fifth Street:
Frederick Hasselbach, head, 34, b. Prussia, retail grocer
Kate Hasselbach, wife, 35, b. Prussia, keeps house
Dora Hasselbach, dau, 6, b. US
Lizzie Hasselbach, dau, 4, b. US
Fred Hasselbach, son, 1, b. US

1900 US Census, New York City:
Frederick Hasselbach, head, 53, b. Mar 1846 in Germany, married 27 years, grocer, citizen 1870 (30 yrs)
Catherine Hasselbach, wife, 53, b. May 1847 in Germany, married 27 years, citizen 1872 (28 yrs)
Fredrick Hasselbach, son, 21, b. Mar 1879 in New York, clerk
Catharine Hasselbach, dau, 18, b. June 1881 in New York, college
Augusta Hasselbach, dau, 16, b. Nov 1882 in New York, college
The Konzelmanns (Frank and Dora Hasselbach Konzelmann, married 2 years) are next door

1905 New York Enumeration at 103 East 102nd St:
Frederick Hasselbach, head, 59, b. Germany, 39 yrs citizenship, grocer.
Catherine Hasselbach, wife, 60, b. Germany, 36 yrs citizenship, housework
Fred Hasselbach Jr, son, 26, b. US, Grocer
Catherine Hasselbach, dau, 22, b. US, stenographer
Augusta Hasselbach, dau, 20, b. US, stenographer

1910 US Census, Bayonne:
Frederick Hasselbach, head, 64, b. Germany, citizen 1866, own income
Catherine Hasselbach, wife 64, b. Germany, citizen 1869
Fredrick Hasselbach, son, 31, b. US, machine hand
Kate Hasselbach, dau, 28, b. US, stenographer
The Konzelmanns are next door

1920 US Census, Bayonne
Frederick Hasselbach, head, 73, b. Hanover Germany, immigrated 1866, cit 1879
Katherine Hasselbach, wife, 74, b. Hanover Germany, immigrated 1869, cit 1879
Fred Hasselbach Jr, son, 40, b. NY, machinist
Katherine Hasselbach, dau, 38, b. NY, book-keeper
The Konzelmanns are next door, and the Schleuters (Will and Elizabeth Hasselbach Schleuter) in the next house

1930 US Census, Bayonne, at 87 West 27th Street
Cathryn Hasselbach, head, 84, b. Gernany.
Fred Hasselbach, 48, son.
Cathryn Hasselbach, 43, daughter.
Frank and Dora (Hasselbach) Konzelmann with daughter Gladys, 16, are next door at #89.
William and Elizabeth (Hasselbach) Schleuter are at #91.

1940 US Census, Bayonne, at 87 West 27th Street
Fred Hasselbach, 60, head.
___ Hasselbach, 57, sister.
Frank and Dora Konzelmann with daughter Gladys, 26, are still at #89, along with John and Marjorie (Hasselbach) Boehling and their children.
William and Elizabeth (Hasselbach) Schleuter are still at #91.
Emil and Dorothy (Hasselbach) Filsinger and their daughter Dorothy are elsewhere in Bayonne.


Further Comments:
I like how the family moved to three houses in a row in Bayonne and basically stayed put in those three houses for the next 30 years. I've added some more information (which you're welcome to include or omit), including 1930 and 1940 census info, to the block you quoted below. Note how between 1920 and 1930 Fred got 8 years older, and his sister Kate only went from 38 to 43. I guess that's pretty common in census data.

According to my dad, one of the sisters was deaf and had kids -- I think it must have been Dora Konzelmann -- so when they built the three houses in a row, they made the side windows on two of them line up so that Dora's sister next door could listen in to help keep an eye (ear?) on the kids. I'll bet the people now living there have no idea why their windows look directly into one anothers' houses instead of being staggered for privacy.

I've never heard of any other spelling for our Hasselbach name, other than the Von Hassel idea which wasn't taken seriously. My impression was that "Von Hassel" would be sort of a nobility name, to which the family was probably not entitled.

Some 20 years ago my dad wrote to a bunch of Hasselbachs that he found in a German directory, but I don't believe he found a connection to any of them.


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