How To Use This Site

This site is dedicated to the Hasselbachers of the world and their related families. (I include Haselbachers, Hazelbakers, or anything close enough to be potentially related!) Until two years ago, I knew very little about my family history on either side of the Atlantic.  Frankly, I thought it was lost in the mists of time and wars.  I was wrong. Even as an amateur genealogist and historian I have been able to pull a great deal of information together and learn about my ancestors as far as 10 generations back and into the 1500's.  This would not have been possible however, without the assistance of others on two continents.  My primary goals include:

  • To make what I have learned available to others so they do not have to start from scratch. 
  • To provide a platform to magnify our ability to help each other by sharing information.
  • To link together as many Hasselbacher family lines as possible around the world.
  • To learn things I do not already know and correct my mistakes.
  • To use technology to improve our efforts of discovery, communication, and sharing.
  • To put primary documents and resources online so that all can use them.
  • To educate and entertain each other so that our relatives and friends might become interested in their family histories at an earlier time in their life cycles.
  • To honor those who have come before us, who lent us their genes, and who probably made it possible for our lives to be easier than theirs.

I am still learning how to best accomplish these goals.  I wanted to start somewhere and I expect to improve as we learn together.  I will not be successful unless you help me.

Peter Hasselbacher
Louisville, KY

The following links are currently available.
What’s New

“What’s New” is a place for me to notify you what I have added most recently.  I may also pose questions or give other information here.  I hope to add to this site so that every time you visit it will have something different. Keep an eye on the red date label.

Hasselbacher Overview

“Hasselbacher Overview” is the place to start.  It gives a summary of the different Hasselbacher family lines I have identified so far in both Germany and America.  For some lines I have not yet found a living relative.  We need to hear from those people.  I also summarize the existing relationships between the family lines I know about.

Interactive Family Trees

“Interactive Family Trees” is the main part of the site containing genealogic information about the families I have identified. This server-based probram has robust capabilities and I am still learning how to use it myself.  One major advantage for now is that it will draw family trees that you can navigate through interactively.  Although registration on my site is possible, it is not necessary to do so just to look at the information.  Click on the “Surname” or “Advanced Search” link.  Choose one of the different ‘Trees’ and navigate to the names you are interested in. I invite you to consider allowing me to upload your family tree onto the site.  If you do so, I can selectively give you permission to edit or manage your own Tree.  If you would like to participate in this way, send me an email and we will figure out the best way to do it. I soon hope to be able to allow individuals to submit additions and corrections.

Individual Family Lines

An earlier iteration of this site had a series of links to seperate Individual Family Lines.  Some of these contained individual databases of names.  Since I merged most of these lines into the two interactive areas above, I deleted the duplications.  However, I will keep several links open to present other kinds of information or graphics of interest to.  If you have a Family File that can be exported into a GED format, I can easily place it in one of these trees. 

Original Documents & Resources

I will put original documents in these pages. This includes church and municipal records, but also a variety of historical documents and writings.  The organization of these pages will likely change as I see what is needed.

Hasselbacher Family Blog

“Hasselbacher Family Blog” is just that.  It is a way to communicate in a public way.  I have not used a Blog before so I am learning too.  I will use this as a way to communicate informally and will refer you to it from time to time.  There is no need to register in order to leave a comment. (Note that the blog registration is separate from the Interactive Family Tree registration.  I cannot link them at this time.)  As I gain experience, I may open it up so that anyone who registers can leave a primary message that others can comment on.  If you have experience with blogging like this, give me a heads up as to what to expect.

Interesting or Fun Stuff

“Interesting or Fun Stuff” contains what I hope is just that.  Help me populate it or give me your ideas.


“Maps” is where I put maps and related documents.  I think you will be interested in what is there already.  Give me ideas and materials for others.

Other Family Websites and Links of Interest

This is a place for me to put links of additional family interest. For example, a Hazelbaker family website is listed there now.  Go check it out.  They are cousins!


“Photographs” is where I am putting pictures.  I haven’t figured out how best to do this yet.  Send me images of your oldest photos.  I can help restore and label them.  I have an idea of putting my “unknowns “ up somewhere in hopes that someone can help me identify who is in them..  If you have some of these (I know you do) send me those too.

Revised: June 8, 2007