Records of the German Evangelical Protestant Church

a.k.a. Mulberry Street Church; Newark, NJ.

This was a church in Newark that the early Ecker brothers used. Jakob and Fredrick used the church for their families, but Wilhelm and Christian can be found as godparents or witnesses. I list below those Ecker records I found going page by page for 9 hours and with some targeted searches. It is possible I missed some if I did not know what I was looking for. [I found an Ecker sister by accident and only after I was analyzing the records back home!] I reviewed records from 1849 through the early 1900s. The dates of found records between 1853 and 1871. If anyone wants a high resolution original, let me know. I also post some additional information about the church's history that was filed with the church books. (pdf 10 mb)

I have posted all the Ecker family records I identified. I found a larger number of records of Eckerts, an Eckerlin, and an Elker. I was not able to make any family connection. If fact, the ministers were careful to distinguish between the different spellings. I did not find any convincing instance of one family acting as a godparent or witness to sacramental records of another. I photographed as many of the records of the alternate names for the use of any of their descendants who may stumble on this site.

Peter Hasselbacher
March 2, 2008



1854 Baptism of Karl Friedrich Ecker

Son of Jakob and Anna Maria Ecker. Friedrich Ecker was a godparent. He was born in 1853.

1854 Marriage of Friedrich Ecker and Barbara Bohnenberger

Brother to Abraham Wilhelm. A witness was Johann Fisher, the family name of Friedrich's mother.

1855 Baptism of Maria Ecker

Child of Friedrich and Barbara Ecker. who died as a child.

1857 Death of Maria Ecker

A witness is Johann Esser.

1857 Baptism for Juliana Rosina Ecker

Child of Friedrich and Barbara Ecker who dies as infant.

1857 Death of Juliana Rosina Ecker

I have no doubt she was named after her paternal Grandmother. She was born in 1856.

1859 Death of William Öse

Son of Georg Öse and Katharina (Ecker) Öse. Katharina is the lost sister of the Ecker Brothers of Unterreichenbach!

1860 Baptism of Maria Carolina Ecker

Daughter of Friedrich and Barbara Ecker.

1863 Baptisms of Abraham Wilhelm and Johann Martin Ecker

A catch-up baptism for two sons of Friedrich and Barbara born in 1858 and 1861. Abr. Wilhlm. born in "Trois" NY. A godparent was my own Abraham Wilhelm Ecker.

1864 Marriage of Abraham Wilhelm Ecker and Hannah Squire

Peter's Great-Great Grandparents.

1865 Baptism of Christian Wilhelm Ecker

Son of Jakob and Anna Maria (Jetter) Ecker

1866 Baptism (and Death) of Georg Ecker

Son of Jakob and Maria Ecker. Georg and Katharina Öse are godparents. Child dies as infant.

1871 Confirmation Abraham Wilhelm Ecker

Restates birth date and place in "Trois," NY state.




German Words Used Translation


'dahier' is a very old word for 'hier', 'an diesem Ort' or 'am hiesigen Ort' ('in this very place/town/city')





































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